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“He was going to break his knee!” – Graham McCormack discusses pro wrestling cameo

Floyd Mayweather floored The Big Show, Mike Tyson and Stone Cold Steve Austin went at it, Chuck Wepner and Andre the Giant had a knock, and James Buster Douglas, Joe Fraizer, and even the great Muhammad Ali appeared as guest referees.

Boxers having skirmish in the world of sports entertainment are nothing new, but Limerick light middleweight Graham McCormack [3(0)-0] brought it to pro wrestling in Ireland over the weekend.

The Garryowen good guy jumped in to throw down, away from the worldwide tv audience or watching stadium, during a PHOENIX Wrestling show in Limerick on Saturday night.

The Boxing Ireland southpaw was ringside to watch Steve Savage in a homecoming clash versus LJ Cleary and, when the chips were down, he bounded into the ring.

With Savage’s leg placed in a fold-up chair after the match up, Cleary was about to stamp down before McCormack stormed the ring and pushed him down, saving the local hero from more pain.

Not breaking kayfabe, a still in-character McCormack explained to Irish-Boxing.com how “I jumped in the ring because he was going to break Steve’s knee!”

“I personally know that Steve has a knee operation this Friday so if he had of went through with jumping on his knee with that chair he would have ended his career. Not a hope! That wasn’t happening while I was there,” McCormack added before suggesting he is sure Savage would return the favour if needed.

“I am sure Steve would jump through the ropes and power bomb someone if they were about to do something similar to me.”

While McCormack continued to play the role, when pushed on more serious matters his respect for fellow athletes was evident.

“Steve and I are both Limerick athletes following there dreams so I will support him anyway I can and I know he supports me.

“I have trained alongside Steve and he is a complete athlete. He trains very hard and to do the stuff that he and the other wrestlers do you have to be an athlete that’s a fact.”

“The whole night was a great event. It was really enjoyable and I enjoyed jumping in and helping out my mate. You can see the similarities between the sports  in terms of the discipline and dedication that Steve and the other wrestlers have.  It’s the same as boxers they are very hard working lads.”

McCormack looks set for a pre-planed and scheduled trip through the ropes on November 24th. The Limerick fighter is expected to appear on the Celtic Clash 7 card and has been hinting a big fight awaits.

However, he wasn’t ready to divulge anything other than he should be in an exciting clash in Dublin later this year.

“I am not gonna say much about my next fight, just that it is gonna be exciting. It will also be my best performance and best win yet.”

“I’m already training for it and I will be in phenomenal shape when I step back in the ring for win number number four.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years