Declan Geraghty to share the ring with Irish rapper

It’s been a busy few weeks for ‘Pretty Boy’ Declan Geraghty, following his announcement of a headline bout in America, a new
weight class, and a new trainer in Pete Taylor it seems Geraghty has used the time in lockdown to better himself in light of his return.

Although fighting in America in just over a month it seems as though ‘Pretty Boy’ will have to work overtime as friends Terence Power and Irish musician ‘The Whelo Fella’ fancy their chances against the southpaw.

In a series of comical Instagram back and forwards, the fight has garnered attention and interest to see the three compete, and in a subsequent Instagram post from Geraghty, the fight is confirmed to be on.

The trio will host a charity boxing night raising money for Temple Street Hospital, sponsored by Joemaxi Coffee Company and Blue Duck Valet. The event will be streamed on Youtube for fans to watch due to the current government guidelines over COVID-19 prohibiting a crowd from attending.

Irish-Boxing.Com spoke to Geraghty who cleared up some of the details on when the fight will take place “We are not sure when it’s going to happen, we are hoping for Paddy’s week but it’s all a waiting game with what’s going on at the minute, but hoping before the USA fight.”

Speaking on the cause they are fighting for Declan said “We are trying to raise as much as we possibly can (For Temple Street Children’s Hospital) It only started as a bit of a joke, a bit of stick back and forward and it stemmed from there, people started to get in touch with me about helping to fund for it so we are just trying to raise as much as we can.”

Geraghty plans to punish his two friends as a result of the verbal sparring between them “Prediction is that I will drop them each four times, but hoping that they make it the four rounds.”

‘But I’m getting that much stick off the two of the lads I might just take them out in one.”

Josh Reid McCabe

Boxing fanatic, part-time writer for the Star newspaper Email