Gavin v Eggington grudge match hit by weight controversy

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There has been plenty of controversy today surrounding the Birmingham ‘Bragging Rights’ grudge match between former Irish champion Frankie Gavin and Sam Eggington.

While the Sky Sports-screened fight at the Barclaycard Arena will still take place, the rankings-enhancing WBC International belt will no longer be on the line for Gavin.

The reason for this is due to weight issues. 31 year old Gavin was informed recently by the BBBoC that the fight would not be allowed to take place if he weighed in at the 147lbs welterweight limit. Indeed the British board told Gavin that he must weigh in at 149.5lbs or above for the fight to be sanctioned.

This order came due to Gavin weighing in too heavy in the two checkweights in the lead up to the fight and the BBBoC not wanting him to dehydrate too much to make the weigh. Therefore, the belt will only be on the line for Eggington.

For his part, Gavin claimed that his weight in the build up to this fight was no different than any of his previous contests and he would have made 147lbs easily. ‘Funtime’ Frankie explained that weighed 153lbs yesterday morning, almost 30 hours before the weigh in.

When the pair did finally weigh in this afternoon, Gavin stripped naked to tip the scales at 149.7lbs, while Eggington came in at 146.3lbs.

Watch the Frankie Gavin v Sam Eggington weigh-in and head-to-head below:

Video courtesy of IFL TV

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