Gael Force wants Magic Man and appears in Rap vidoe

August 4

Hip-Hop music and boxing have linked up yet again in a new music-video. Former elementary schoolteacher and world-ranked boxer, “Gael Force” Oisin Fagan, who has given some of the biggest names in boxing, their toughest fights in the ring, hooked up with Ireland’s premier hip-hop artist, Rob Kelly, to make an appearance in the rapper’s newest video, “Half Mast Flag”.

Fagan, who now works for the Irish Amateur Boxing Association (IABA) in collaboration with the Dublin City Council (DCC), as a Community Boxing Development Officer, met up with Kelly some time ago, where an acknowledged appreciation for each others work, soon facilitated a good friendship and a desire to help each other in their respective careers. Kelly has been known to accompany Fagan into the ring for some of his biggest fights, while performing his music, to motivate the teak-tough Irishman.

Fagan said, “Rob’s a fantastic artist. He’s is very knowledgeable about boxing and it’s a theme within his music. He makes a myriad of references to Ireland, boxing and standing up for the under-dog with his rhymes and these are issues that are very much close to my heart; therefore, it’s not hard to like the lad. He asked me to make a cameo appearance for his newest track and I was proud to do so. I hope it’s a huge success for him- he deserves a bit of luck and I feel this might be the track that gets him to the big time, God willing.”

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“The Magic Man” Paul Malignaggi. Fagan said, “Paulie and I spoke a while ago about a possible fight and we both agreed that it could be a really tasty bout. He’s a great Italian-American fighter and myself as an Irishman, I spent much of my pro career in the US, so I think the ‘Irish V Italian’ theme could really go down well and we could make this a great fight. I know that Paulie wants to go down as one of the Italian-American greats but probably, only the former world champion, Paul Spadafora has a bigger profile nowadays in contemporary Italian-American boxing. However, since most people in attendance thought I beat Spadafora when he got his first Split Decision against me in his unbeaten career, thus far, I guess Malignaggi would be coming out to beat me convincingly to overtake Spaddy in that regard. However, I have ambitions of my own and I think I would put too much pressure for him to handle. That said, I heard recently that he might have another world title fight against Devon Alexander coming up, so a fight with him will have to wait perhaps.”

He continued, “However, just for the record, I am here to state that I am waiting for the call to get it on with the “Magic Man”, whenever and where ever he wants to make this fight.”

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