Fun Betting Markets with Big Odds for Boxing

Boxing is a fantastic sport to watch and bet on. However, many of the big fights will often have a heavy favourite, which can make betting on the fight pointless, as the returns on who will win are very low, unless the underdog wins, of course.

However, that shouldn’t stop you from betting on boxing as a whole because there are a number of different ways in which you can bet on the sport, and some of the markets out there will offer far bigger odds to punters.

If you are looking to bet for fun and use small stakes then these are the markets you need to check out and use moving forward.

Want to know more? Here are three ways to bet where boxing fans can get big odds.

The Round a Fight Will be Won In

The basic rule of finding bigger odds is to add a new element to your bet which decreases the chance of you being right. This market is a popular one, and here rather than just saying who will win, you also have to guess the round they will win the fight in correctly.

This needs to be the exact round, and unless you land that, your bet is a loser. The odds on offer though are very good, so much so that some gamblers will pick out two or three rounds and bet on them all, in the hope of one winning.

If you are given free betting credits by the bookmakers then this type of market is ideal to spend those one. It adds excitement to the round you have bet on, while not only giving you the chance to win, but giving you the chance to win big.

Method of Victory Betting

This is an easier method to win with, and certainly the easiest of the three markets we are highlighting here. However, it may not work in some instances, as the odds could still be too low here.

When you bet on this market you are betting on who wins and how they win. For example, a fighter to win on points, a win by knockout, a win by a unanimous judges decisions and more.

Looking through results and keeping up to date with the latest pro boxing news should help you work out who the big hitters are, and who needs the judges for a win.

If you have a strong opinion about the fight going the distance, or a heavy puncher is boxing and you fancy him to get a knockout then this is the market for you.

While betting here you are not narrowing things down as much as with the market above, so the odds are lower, but if the odds are lower that also means you have more chance to win.

Knockdown Betting

This is the final betting market to mention, focusing on a fighter getting knocked down rather than who wins the fight. Many other sports offer ways to bet without nominating the winner, and this is one of the few you can use for boxing.

Not every bookmaker will offer this, the market is relatively new, so look around before deciding where to bet if you want to use this.

This is ideal for big upcoming boxing events where you are sure both fighters are going to go all out to try and win by knockout, and both have strong punches.

These fights can see two or three knockdowns before the end, not just the one to win. When you place your bet you are looking for any knockdown, it doesn’t have to be a winning one, so choose your round and keep your fingers crossed. 


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