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Frampton v Rigo would be boring claims McGuigan

A fight between Carl Frampton and Gullerimo Rigondeaux would be boring as it would be non lucrative suggests Shane McGuigan. 

The Jackal was last week stripped of the WBA World title he claimed after defeating Scot Quigg in Manchester in late February, because it became clear to the WBA that Ireland’s first unified World champ wasn’t going to face his mandatory Rigondeaux, who himself was stripped of the title before the Quigg clash.

Frampton has since received some criticism for avoiding the two time Olympic medal winner and former WBO and WBA title holder, despite the fact it was clear from as early as the post fight Frampton v Quigg press conference that his team seen Leo Santa Cruz as the more lucrative, appealing and fan friendly fight.

Frampton has himself said he would face the Cuban he greatly admires, but his team have always stated it’s not a fight that makes financial sense and have even suggested the risk reward ratio doesn’t add up.

Speaking to Pundit Arena recently that is a sentiment coach Shane McGuigan echoed and he also pointed out for all the criticism ‘The Jackal’ has received people need to take a lot at ‘El Chacal’.

He was basically a no show for his fight with Jaza Dickinson, claiming visa issues which were refuted afterward and his promoters have never got in touch in Cyclone re making the bout.

“I don’t see any marketability in that fight right now,” Frampton’s coach admited. “Carl has just come off quite a cagey fight. That would be 10 times more cagey than the Scott Quigg fight and it would just be a boring fight. Nobody would want to watch it. We want to be in exciting fights”.

“Can he get a visa into Ireland? Can he get a visa into the U.K? I don’t know,”  McGuigan continued. “Does he still want to fight? Why didn’t he show up to fight Jazza Dickens? We just don’t know. Guillermo Rigondeaux’s team, they haven’t been on the phone to us”.


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