Frampton still on EU course

11 April 2011 – Jonny Stapleton

Carl Framptons EU title aspirations are not dead just delayed, according to mentor Barry McGuigan. EBU officials informed earlier this week that they are looking for a new opponent to face Joaquin Cespedes for the vacant strap, as the Belfast native pulled out of last weeks purse bidding.

However, McGuigan stressed the hot prospect, who has tipped for the very top, is still on the EU title track and a little bit of TV drama has forced them to reschedule the continental challenge. The Clones Cyclone claims no television dates were available until late May early June and as a result they tried to postpone the fight for the belt once owned by Paulie Hyland.

The Spaniard, however is keen to keep busy and wanted a fight sooner. That aligned with the fact the EBU wanted to ensure the EU title is fought for on a more regular basis means Cespedes will in the mean time challenge another fighter for the title deemed a valuable EBU stepping stone.

But former featherweight world champion, McGuigan, who is working closely with Matchroom, revealed that he has been assured The Jackal is next in line and will challenge for his second pro title in just his tenth paid shift.

Carl has not pulled out of the EU title fight, McGugian told He just wont be ready until the end of May or early June and that has nothing to do with injury. Carl is completely injury free. It is about fitting in a TV date. As you have seen over the last few days with Khan and McCloskey TV is very important and can have a big say in fights. We cant get a date until then and thats the only reason we have had to wait, the Irish boxing legend added.

Cespedes team were eager for him to fight in the meantime time and we told them to crack on once we get a shot at him next. If the EBU are keen to keep that title busy then he may as has been suggested fight for the EU belt next, but we will get the winner. If he just takes a warm up then we will challenge Cespedes for the vacant title. Either way will be challenging for the belt in the summer.

Meanwhile the EBU confirmed that seen his last fight finished in defeat Willie Casey is ineligible to fill any void left by Framptons decision to hold off his challenge.

Willie Casey lost his last fight and, consequently, according to our rules, he cannot be considered.

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