Frampton: Pressure to perform comes from me

By Jonny Stapleton

Carl Frampton admits there is pressure to be explosive in the mining town of Sheffield tonight, but claims said pressure comes from within.

Promoter Eddie Hearn cranked up the dial by announce a little named opponent and  his

Frampton determined to ensure Anhrah want prosper tonight

hopes for a knock out win on the same day.   The Matchroom boss expects the Belfast Boy to look sensational and send out a significant message to his fellow super bantamweight big guns when he defends his Commonwealth title against Prosper Ankrah tonight.

That weight of expectation is not a burden on the rising star shoulders, however. The former Irish amateur champion has had to deal with hype since he turned pro with Barry McGuigan and claims no one demands more form him than himself.

The Jackal claims he will try and devour the Ghanaian within the distance tonight and will attempt and look entertaining in the process.

“I am well used to the pressure. I have had it since I started. I put pressure on myself to perform. People don’t come to watch boring fights. This is a business and if I can look good and explosive I will,” Frampton told before stressing once he has Ankrah sussed out he will try take him out.

“This is a business and you have to be aware of that. I don’t know much about this guy. By all accounts he is tough, aggressive and comes forward. He is your stereotypical inside fighter. I am going to land a few shots on him and we will see if he still wants to come forward. I will take a round to suss him out and then if I can tag him I will try and take him out.”

Despite facing a potentially dangerous defence on St Patrick’s Day Frampton talk of potential title fights with Scott Quig, Rendell Munroe and Kiko Martinez has dominated the  build up.

The likeable Tiger’s Bay pugilist has signalled his intentions and isn’t just open to fighting all three, he desires a clash with one of the trio.  However, he does admit  he is getting a little of tired of talking about rather than fighting said foes and once again issued an open Belfast invite to all three.

“I am little sick and tired of all the talk and taking questions on fights down the road, but in boxing you have to make yourself heard. You have to persuade people to take notice. Eddie said he wants a big fight for me in Belfast this summer and Martinez, Munroe and Quigg would be the guys we are targeting. They all know we are open to fighting them. I heard it suggested we dodged Willie Casey recently well that couldn’t be further than the truth. We offered him a chance to fight me before we go Mark Quan in January and he tuned it down. He was looking for monumental money. If we can’t get any of the three named I would fight Willie.”


Eamonn O’Kane is also in action on the Kell Brook Matthew Hatton card in England tonight.

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