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Frampton: Eddie ‘Big Man’ Hearn backed off quickly

Carl Frampton say’s he won’t do an Eddie Hearn and back off.

The Jackal, who questioned the Matchroom boss’s bravery after he ‘quickly backed down’ when IBF Champion responded to the promoter trying to separate him from Quigg come face-off time, is adamant he won’t back down on the dressing room issue.

Both teams debated the dressing room issue throughout the final press conference on Thursday afternoon. Quigg claiming as the ‘home fighter’ he deserved the home changing room, while Frampton pointed out as the A side of the fight it should be his.

The Belfast fighter was willing to compromise and leave the aforementioned room vacant. On the other hand the WBA belt holder is determined to use the dressing room, but Frampton claims he won’t budge on the issue.

Speaking about his mini-fracas with Quigg and Hearn as well the dressing room post press conference Frampton said,

“We were staring at each other for quite a while and he didn’t want to look away first. I said I’d look away. I tapped him on the shoulder and he grabbed me. I gripped him back. It was handbags really.

“The big guy Eddie tried to get involved and act Jack the Lad. I didn’t like it. Big man, the size of him but he quickly backed off.

“We hold our ground. It’s the same situation with the dressing room. I’m in it or nobody’s in it. Just imagine these guys pulling their hair out. What they’re doing’s not working. It’s going to be good tomorrow.”


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