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Follow the Crowd – James McGivern wants to join pals in Champions circle

James McGivern wants to make the ‘show me who your friends are, and I will show you what you are’ saying true by becoming a champion this weekend.

‘The Natural’ has seen his friends Colm Murphy and Conor Quinn crowned champions in 2023 and he wants to follow suit in Letterkenny.

The Belfast stylist is keen to enter strap session by winning the BUI Celtic lightweight title in the first show to go to Donegal in 13 years on Saturday night.

The Jason Quigley mentored 25-year-old takes on Josh Sandford for the colourful belt at the Aura Leisure Complex and is determined to win it to ensure he isn’t the odd one out among the group of friends.

“My mates have had their go and now it’s my turn,” McGivern said bringing up BBBofC Celtic flyweight champion Quinn and Irish featherweight champion Muprhy’s success.

“Murphs is like my wee brother and Conor Quinn has been one of my best mates in boxing since we were on trip at 11 years old. It was great to see them get their chances and do so well.

“Wee Murphs, his progression has been unbelievable. He has gone from getting doubted as an amateur in Dublin to being the Irish champion as a pro and Conor Quinn is a fantastic fighter. Conor will go on to great things.”

The Commonwealth Games medal winner was twice previously slated to fight for the aesthetically pleasing title but saw two fights with Tony McGlynn fall through.

The Sheer sports-managed talent has bemoaned his luck as a result but feels the stars are now starting to align to allow him to make a move toward stardom.

“I feel like this is the start of it and there is a buzz now,” McGivern said. “It feels like we’re starting to build something now.

“This could be the night that catapults me to the rest of my career.”

McGivern stopped Simi Valley in his last fight, a bout quickly arranged after the RDS September 16 show fell through.

The fighter renowned for his skills enjoyed the early finish and hints he may keep a more aggressive approach against the unbeaten Scot.

“That guy was as tough as old boots. I’ve had a bumpy sort of a ride so far, but you have to roll with it and it’s been no fault of our own. Jason is doing a great job and we’re a great team.

“This is a more aggressive version of me. People want to see big punches getting thrown. That’s what this game is all about.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years