Fitzgerald: Hogan should stop hiding and come home and face a real test

ANTHONY Fitzgerald has told Dennis Hogan to stop ‘padding’ his record Down Under and come home and face a real test.
The Australian champion told after his most recent defence that he would love to come home and fight Anthony Fitzgerald for the Irish little middleweight title. However, the Kildare puncher, who is a TV fighter in Oz, also stressed his team have some big Australian fights in the pipeline and their wishes would have to be taken into consideration.
Fitzgerald, who pulls no punches in or out of the ring, countered with some verbal blows claiming the undefeated middleweight King of Queensland and Australia is using his team as an excuse. The MGM fighter said if Peter McDonagh, who claimed the belt in London on March 16, hadn’t vacated the title Hogan would have a date booked in Ireland for a title fight this summer. In typical abrasive fashion ‘The Pride’ adds the Australian champion is now stalling out of Fitzgerald fear.
Former Andy Lee and Hassan N’Dam foe also goaded Hogan with talk of padded records and avoiding a challenge and told ‘The Huricane’ should come home and face a live test.
“If Dennis Hogan wants to fight I am more than happy to fight. There is no point him saying he wants the fight then saying its up to his team. Instead hiding down in OZ  he should come home and fight a real fighter,” Fitzgerald said in typical straight talking fashion.
“He can act the big man over there while padding  his record, but I know the truth. He wanted to fight in the Summer in Ireland, but now he thinks it has to be against me he hides behind his team. I know McDonagh or Hutchinson had the light middle title he would have had his flights booked and all set to fight in Ireland. If he wants to fight me he should man up and take the challenge.”


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