Fitz geared up for Murtagh

24 January 2011 – Jonny Stapleton

Anthony Fitzgerald wants to put the domestic scene and perennial would be challenger Lee Murtagh behind him with victory in his last Irish super-middleweight title defence in Citywest on Sunday afternoon.

The recently crowned WBF Intercontinental middleweight champion is scheduled to face the Leeds based Belfast pro for the fifth time, and having endured three false starts and a no contest, The Pride “The Pride” is eager to finally register an official win over the former two weight British Central Area champion.

Fitzgerald is adamant his punch punching power and not an accidental cut will ensure a second unsuccessful Irish title contest for the 37-year-old, 39 fight veteran when the pair rematch on top of the first Irish bill of 2011.

The Inner City Dubliner, who claims he will progress from domestic to continental level this coming year, also defended his decision to call out Andy Lee after John Duddy retired.

Fitzgerald hit back at suggestions he wasnt ready and stressed he should be commended for seeking out and not hiding from challenges.

This is the fifth time Lee and I are scheduled to fight. I just want to get it done and over with once and for all, Fitzgerald said at the press conference in Crumlin Gym yesterday.

I also want to progress and move away from the Irish scene and on to bigger things. I will win on Sunday and keeping stepping up a level. My last fight against Kevin Hammond was my best performance and I just want to improve on that. I have no problems with any boxer and I wouldnt say there is bad blood between me and Lee but he said I head butted him the last time and I tried to cut him on purpose. That isnt true it was an accidental elbow. This time round I will prove I would have beat him regardless, he added before discussing his bid to get Andy Lee on March 12.

I think I should be praised for having the guts to take on Lee. You hear people giving out all the time about fighters who hide from fights. I will fight anyone and that includes Andy Lee. I dont mind what people say if I think I am ready I will challenge.

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