Big Sexy: I am going to beat Big Rogie to become Irish champion

Sean ‘Big Sexy’ Turner says a he will fight and beat Martin Rogan to become Irish heavyweight champion.

Turner, 24, pushed his record to 6-0 with four knockouts when he out pointed Igoris Borucha in Spain on Saturday and revealed he is on course to fight the former Commonwealth champion.

The MGM big man has to get eight rounds under his belt before he is Irish title eligible, but he indicated a clash with the popular Belfast heavyweight is in the pipe line when speaking to IFL TV on Saturday night.

“Martin just tweeted me there saying he will fight me for the Irish title when I get the eight rounds done. So I am going to fight Martin and I am going to beat him. Martin is a good friend of mine and we will shake hands before and after, but this is a business. We are here to get paid and we are to fight one another,” said Turner.

“Listen he is a legend in Ireland and I have the height of respect for Martin. I have learnt from Martin, but I am going to beat him.He doesn’t take crap of anyone, but he is a nice fella. I have to say he looked after me when I was Belfast. He is always smiling and laughing but he is a serious man under it all.

“This is business and I am going to beat him. It will be a big big fight in Ireland when it happens.”

Rogan hasn’t fought in over a year and is now 44, but the fight would still prove intriguing for Irish fight fans nonetheless. Any build up with ‘Big Rogie’ is entertaining and the Beflast ‘Entertainer’ is, Tyson Fury aside, probably the most recognisable heavyweight name in Ireland.


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