Features of sports betting in Ireland

There are quite a few sports disciplines in Ireland that, at first glance, seem exotic. There is another sport called hurling, which is called a mixture of hockey and killing, now it’s time to talk about another Irish national sport – Gaelic football, which you can also bet on at https://www.aussiecasinoreview.com/, where you can find the most favorable conditions for bets. Gaelic football is a mixture of classic football and rugby, but with its characteristics.

The field is divided into zones here. In some areas, the player can only act with his hands, and in others, only with his feet. Gates in this sport resemble rugby gates, however, they are divided into two halves: upper and lower. A goal scored in the upper half of the goal will bring the team 1 point, and in the lower half – 3 points. The match consists of two halves, each 30 minutes long. If during this time the teams failed to determine the winner, then additional time (two min-times of 10 minutes each) or a replay may be assigned. 15 people from one team take part in the game, the same number is in the reserve. Each team has the opportunity to make 5 substitutions during the match.

That’s all the basic rules of this sport. But to fully understand the rules of Gaelic football, as well as to feel the spirit of this sport, we recommend that you get to know it in more detail on specialized sites and forums, as well as watch several matches. And now the main thing is, is it possible to make money on betting on Gaelic football or is it another exotic sports discipline, the bets on which the only appeal to Irish fans? We’ve got you covered, here’s how to Devising a Betting Strategy To Improve Your Odds.

Google says that Gaelic football is popular not only in Ireland, many countries are interested in this sport and are actively developing it. However, while bookmakers, including legal ones, offer bets exclusively on the matches of the Irish championship. As part of this material, we will try to talk about bets on this type of football, highlighting the most interesting points. Perhaps this will push some of the bettors to take a closer look at this sport because in the lines of bookmakers it is offered by a rather large volume of bets, so there is an opportunity for earning.

Types of Gaelic Football Betting

Considering that Gaelic football in the CIS countries is not yet as popular as traditional sports: football, hockey, basketball, tennis, bookmakers still offer a fairly large list of bets. We tried to divide them into groups to make it easier for bettors to navigate the bookmaker’s offers:

• Betting on the outcome.

• Handicap / Handicap Bets.

• Bets on the total.

• Additional rates. An important point, the line in this sport is driven not by professional bettors, but by fans. Fans of Gaelic football make bets based on their sympathy for a particular team, so quite interesting offers may appear in the line.

Outcome betting

We have already said above that two teams take part in the match, and to profit from bets on the outcome, bettors need to predict the victory of one of them. Of course, one cannot do without understanding the rules of the game and thoroughly analyzing the opposing teams. By the way, substitutions can be a key factor influencing the outcome of the match. Some managers deliberately save their best players for the end of the match to make life as difficult for their opponents as possible.

Some other factors should be considered when predicting Gaelic football matches: managerial experience, weather conditions, location of the match. An integrated approach to the analysis will allow you to get a complete picture of what will happen on the field, therefore, the bettor gets some advantage, allowing him to make good predictions about the winner of the upcoming match. You can place single and combined bets on Gaelic football, and you can also combine them with other sports. A draw is an unlikely outcome in Gaelic football matches, so for those who like to catch big odds, we would not recommend playing draws here.

Handicap / Handicap Betting

As with any sport, Gaelic football has its favorites and outsiders. In the line of bookmakers, the same odds for the victory of one and the other team are rare. But the favorites do not always succeed in a major victory. The point is that in Gaelic football, team motivation plays a huge role. In championships, there are many fundamental confrontations in which irreconcilable rivals meet. Naturally, in such matches, even taking into account the different classes of teams, they will fight to the end, therefore, it is unprofitable to play a big minus handicap in such meetings. We advise you to bet on a negative handicap in those matches where there is a clear outsider. In other games, it is better to refrain from betting on a negative handicap. The outsider’s forum can be played only if the fans have moved the line too far with their bets, and the current handicap does not reflect the real level of the teams and is too high.

Total bets

Marathon and 1xBet bookmakers accept bets not only on the outcomes and handicaps of Gaelic football matches but here you can also bet on total. Bookmakers set the number and odds of the total and individual total, offering bettors to predict whether more or fewer goals will be scored in the match. If you study the rules of the game well, as well as carefully analyze the upcoming match, you can make good money by placing bets on totals. But here it is better not to act on a swoop.

Additional bets

Depending on the class of the tournament and the importance of the match in Gaelic football, bookmakers may offer additional bets. Such offers may include higher or lower values ​​of handicaps and totals, half-time bets, and so on. If there is such a painting in the line, then we recommend that bettors pay attention to it. Bookmakers often change the baseline, forgetting about additional bets.


There are a large number of different sports in the world. Some have gained popularity in the CIS countries, while others are popular only in their homeland. Gaelic football can be classified as a second type of sport. This may be an interesting and dynamic sport because it is not for nothing that whole stadiums collect its matches in Ireland, but for us it is exotic. Some legal bookmakers try to offer bets on Gaelic football in the lines, thereby pushing bettors to become familiar with this sport. Whether or not to delve into the exotic jungle – everyone decides for himself.


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