Fagan’s future in his own words

23 November 2009 – By Oisin Fagan

I am now looking for the “Big One”, whatever that means.

I was asked to fight unbeaten Puerto Rican Gabriel Bracaro in NYC on December 3, but apparently he pulled out, which is disappointing. So, when that fell through, I made an enquiry about former WBO welterweight world champion Carlos Quintana for his fight on December 5 at the Boardwalk, Atlantic City, but negotiations are at a standstill and since we’re only a couple of weeks out from that date. It doesn’t look good right now, to be honest.

However, I am always in training, so that I can take fights at very short notice and will continue to look out for something before Christmas, if possible.

I feel I have a couple more ‘good years’ left in me, so I want to focus on ending my career on a high and leaving a legacy for all Irish fight fans to be proud of. I’m obviously not the most naturally-talented boxer out there; after-all, I only started boxing seriously when I was 29, but I certainly have a story which is very different from the norm.

I’m a man with no amateur experience, who jumped in at the deep end, to fight against lads with up to 300 amateur bouts and scores of professional contests. However, I have a big Irish heart and a lot of determination and while I have lost a few, anyone who has followed my career thus far knows that I don’t duck anybody and even some of the world champions I’ve fought have acknowledged that I have given them the toughest fights of their careers.

So, I want to keep adding to my story and keep taking on the best in the world. I am confident in the adage that ‘good things come to those who wait’. I feel that with great faith in God and a bit of luck; together, with the incessant hard work which has been my trademark up to now, there is a European title fight or world title fight on the horizon for me. I want to inspire kids and show them that anything is possible with hard work, the heart and desire to follow through with their dreams.

Already this year, myself and Eddie Hyland have given the fans one of the fights of the year, so I feel that there must be a promoter out there who would profit from setting up the rematch for a decent payday for us- even if we have to travel to the USA on Paddy’s Day to achieve this.

I like being in entertaining fights – people pay good money for fighters to leave it all out on the line. The fans don’t want to see boxers run away from a fight, they want a good toe-to-toe battle and I can guarantee you, win, lose, or draw, I never take a backward step.

There’s no quitting in me and I have the heart and desire to walk through walls to get at my opponent. So, I am asking any promoter out there reading this, to take a chance on me. For the right price, I will fight anyone in the world and assure you that I will take it to them every step of the way.

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