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European title is no ‘Dream’ for Kristina O’Hara

You won’t see a picture of the European title on Kristina O’Hara McCafferty’s vision board.

In fact, you won’t find anything like a vision board in the Belfast fighter’s house.

Manifestation isn’t the Queensberry ‘wee woman’s’ thing, she likes a less visionary approach, believing focusing on small daily wins is the best way to ensure title victories.

As a result, the Gerard McCafferty-trained former St John Bosco amateur won’t be looking too far down the historic European title road she has just stepped on.

O’Hara McCafferty is aware a win in next week will set up a blue strap shot and that she could be just victories away from becoming Ireland’s first female European title holder.

However, she reveals she will put all title thoughts out of her mind, as she finds it a more beneficial approach.

“I can become Ireland’s first female European champion, but I don’t tend to focus on things like that,” she said.

“I try to take everything in my stride. Things like that only add pressure, and I have grown to learn that over the years.

“The more you read, the more you are taken in. I know people believe in manifestation and things like that, but I think it only adds pressure. I let Gerard deal with the business side of things, and I do my job which is training and winning fights.

“You need that tunnel vision approach. Just concentrate on boxing and winning. My family and dogs are the only things I see, everything outside of that is a distraction.

“So we try to do the same things before every fight, because they work for us. I don’t pay much attention to social media and everything else. I just concentrate on my job at hand.”

It has been confirmed O’Hara McCafferty will fight in a European eliminator at a Queensberry show on June 7. An opponent has yet to be named but Vittoria Parigi Bini is the front-runner.


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