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Entertainer Niall O’Connor wants to “put on a show” on Celtic Clash 4

Niall O’Connor [1(0)-0] wants to ditch the ‘showboater’ tag given to him after his debut, but it’s undeniable that he is an entertainer.

The Ballybrack light welter made his box on ‘Celtic Clash 3’ back in September and certainly made an impression.

Facing Poland’s Pal Olah, an exceedingly negative foe, O’Connor indulged in some play-acting throughout which raised plenty of smiles in the National Stadium.

However, the Dubliner has stressed that this was more tactics than taking the mickey.

O’Connor explained to Irish-Boxing.com how I started trying to goad him out, people said I was showboating, but I wouldn’t think of myself as a showboater, I was just trying to get him to throw.”

“He was a late replacement and was meant to be dangerous enough. But he just shelled up, I honestly don’t know [why]. Tony got me to start with the jab, but he was there to be hit, so I kept going, and going, and going.”

“I got the win, that was the most important thing, that’s all I wanted to do.”

While it may not be bravado, O’Connor wants to entertain – and is happy with his scheduled opponent for fight number two on ‘Celtic Clash 4’ this Saturday at the National Stadium.

Spaniard Manuel Prieto [0-1(1)] may not have an attractive record, but the Andalusian is an experienced kickboxer and will be coming to Dublin to throw bombs.

A different type of opponent, O’Connor noted how “he’ll be tough, he’s there to box. I want someone who’s there to box, that’s all I want – so I’ll be able to put on a show for the people coming to watch.”

“You can blow someone out in 30 seconds, yeah that’s deadly, maybe for your own confidence, but if you want people to come back and pay 40 pound, they won’t come back again.”

“I’ve people coming back for tickets, it’s brilliant. Lot’s of people have been like that.”

The former Monkstown amateur is keen to move out of precarious four-round fights and progress his career, however he isn’t looking to concoct a contrived domestic rivalry.

O’Connor outlined how “I’d like to move to six rounders, I’m going to go up to six rounders. I’ll get them out of the way in 2018.”

“I don’t want to give away too much, you’ve people now calling out other people – that’s not me. I let promoters and managers do all that.”

“I’m in no rush, I’ll let the matchmakers do all the talking. I’m just here to fight I’m not afraid to fight, and I’ll fight anyone.”

Photo Credit: Ricardo Guglielminotti – The Fighting Irish (@ThefIrish)


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