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Graham McCormack O’Shea promises to do Limerick proud on pro debut

Don’t be surprised if Limerick’s latest edition to the fight game makes his debut ring walk to the DJ Pied Piper & The MCs’s Do You Really Like It? garage favourite as he makes his professional bow in the National Stadium on Saturday night.

Light middleweight Graham McCormack O’Shea is certainly in the honeymoon stage of his relationship with the fight game and is just overjoyed to be involved, starting with Celtic Clash 4 this weekend.

At a stage where some fighters can be in Eye of The Tiger mode, the former Corpus Christi amateur is loving it, loving it, loving it.

McCormack O’Shea ommitted a real energy when speaking to Irish-Boxing.com at the media work out for a packed card and words passed through a big smile with real excitement.

The Munster man can’t wait till he punches for pay for the first time at the home for Irish boxing this coming Saturday, but seems to be relishing the build up, the training, and everything that comes with being a pro boxer – pushing ticket sales doesn’t even seem to have been an issue.

“Look, I am loving it all man. To be a part of all this is just fantastic for me. Honestly I am loving it. It’s all exciting stuff, you can’t but be happy to be part of this,” he said before revealing the people of Limerick seem to be loving it too.

“There are a lot people coming from Limerick. The whole town is getting behind me and supporting me. I really just can’t wait to get in there now and do them all proud.”

The Treaty man wants nothing more than to fight and explained how those who have never seen the debutant box as an amateur will witness a fan friendly style during his four-round slot on the fourth Celtic Clash instalment.

“I come to fight man, that’s why I turned over I just love to fight. I can box when I need to, but I love to get into a fight. I like a tear up. So I suppose you can say the fans will be happy,” promised the southpaw.

That excitement might wane as the 30 year old progresses along his pro journey, but for now McCormack O’Shea is happy to live in the moment. He brings that mantra into his debut and isn’t really looking past Richard Baba [1(1)-1(1)] this coming Saturday.

“I live my life in the moment my friend. There is a plan and the people around me will help with that, but I am in the moment now and right now I have a fight. I want to win that, enjoy that and go from there.”

Trained by Eddie Hyland at the N7 Boxing Academy in Dublin, McCormack O’Shea is placing his faith in the former Irish champion.

“All I really know is I am fighting a Hungarian. Again I don’t know too much about him. Eddie has given me a gameplan, but I don’t want to give my opponent anymore of my head space than that.” he continued before discussing how he has started to adapt from the amateurs to the pros.

“I am really grateful that I have ended up with Eddie. He has really helped me adapt to the pro style. I come on and a Wednesday and go home on a Saturday. I train then in Functional Fitness back home. I am working hard but enjoying it.”

Photo Credit: Sharon Flanagan



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