Enjoying Casino Games as a Boxing Enthusiast

One of the most thrilling sports to watch, even when starting out or just casually watching, is boxing. Observing the power struggle between seconds of trading and dodging blows is excitement beyond belief. And whenever there is a knockout, much like when winning the best combination in the slots, there can only be two reactions to it. There will be either audible silence or deafening cheers!

But don’t think that this sport is just about punching! The display of superior athleticism between the fighters is only possible through immense preparation and research about their rivals. When the preparation and the execution come together, it can be the best feeling in the world when it hits right. These casino games can replicate the excitement that boxing brings, just replicate the disciplines exhibited in the sport and it’s likely that a knockout is not far off!

Sports betting

Probably the most straightforward game in online casinos like betway is sports betting. Boxing enthusiasts would definitely excel in making smart wagers when it comes to sports betting. It might even heighten the thrills of boxing when placing wagers in your favorite fighter’s bout! A knockout coming from him means earnings for the betting fan!

Most sports are best viewed live and boxing is no exception. Fans who place wagers and would go on to play live casino streams create an exciting atmosphere as well. When the same thrills come together while spectating the fight, it can feel just like having ringside seats, even when not possessing a ticket!

The meticulous but often exciting research efforts done in betting on boxing fights can even translate well into other sports. For example, betting in basketball games also share the same disciplines as boxing fights, despite the significant difference between how the sports are played. It still contains the same researching efforts and crunching their numbers can resemble each other.

Boxing enthusiasts can also try betting in mixed martial arts and fights on this particular sport can be prolific in websites like betway. Since mixed martial arts also possess a significant number of boxers apart from other martial arts disciplines, half the research is done. Just take into account all the kicking and the grappling, which are also exciting in their own right, and place the bets!


While significantly much shorter than a round of boxing, the same thrills can be experienced in a game of blackjack. In fact, it can go on for 12 rounds and it would resemble the length of an actual boxing fight! And while there aren’t punches being traded, thank goodness, it is still the same battle of wits in the ring.

Think of scoring 21’s in blackjack as the definitive haymakers. It’s those crucial punches that come out of nowhere that would change the complexion of the match significantly. More importantly, this combination of scores wins the match entirely. But naturally, the punches that a fighter throws can’t be haymakers all the time.

This is where the jabs come in. Not every draw will give out 21’s but there is always the next best thing. Getting 20’s, for example, are significant jabs that could close a round of blackjack and it’s the next best effort before 21. There are also opportunities to split hands, which, in certain situations, could act as clinches or breathers. Splitting a potential overshot could create better opportunities, both in boxing and in blackjack, maybe even more lucrative!

There are still so many casino games that replicate the thrills of boxing. The best part of it is that no one has to throw and dodge punches!


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