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Dylan Moran aiming to make memories on National Stadium return ahead of title charge

Dylan Moran’s fondest National Stadium memories are camp rather than ring related and that is something the Irish title hopeful is looking forward to changing come March 3rd.

The Kieran Farrell managed and trained fighter returns to trade leather in Ireland for the first time since turning over last year and is certain he will create a fond fight memory at the purpose-built boxing stadium.

Like a lot of amateurs, the Manchester-based welterweight feels he didn’t always get the rub of the green in National contests, in fact his frustration with some of the decisions was one of the main reasons he ditched the vest.

The Waterford youngster went as to say he enjoyed his time training at the venue more than he did fighting at it, but that is something he plans to change when makes his Irish pro debut on the eagerly anticipated Last Man Standing card.

“I fought here many times as an amateur and now I get to do it as a pro. It’s something I always thought of and I am delighted to be doing it now,” Moran [3(2)-0] explained to Irish-Boxing.com.

“My favourite Stadium memories are actually from the training camps. I used to live here for two and three weeks at a time and we used to have great craic. In terms of fighting, I had a few bad decisions in the Stadium as everyone does and that is why I left the amateurs, but look I have turned the tables around and I am back as a pro and this game suits me.”

Moran wasn’t being negative when discussing his National Stadium previous, he was responding to honestly to a question thrown at him and was in fact extremely positive and upbeat about his homecoming.

The Kilmacthomas prospect claims he carries a fresh excitement into training camp for the March 3rd undercard bout and is keen to make an impression. The fighter’s first three pro fights have all played out across the water in England and he seems aware that staying relevant back home will help his Irish title fight cause.

“We have been waiting for the homecoming and what a show to have your homecoming on,” the upbeat and obviously excited fighter continued.

“The opportunity arose and we were more than delighted to take it. I had my last three fights in England, but I need to be fighting in front of the Irish people and the Irish fans. This gives me a chance to perform in front of them and my home crowd too.”

“There will be a lot coming up from Waterford, it’s shaping up to be a great night and I am looking forward to showing them what I can do.

“Do you know what, it’s after giving me a real buzz. I am heading back to Manchester and I can’t wait to get into the gym knowing I will be back here on March 3rd and fighting in the National Stadium.”

Moran’s has done well since turning over in March, but is looking to build on the steady progress. He is hoping for an active 2018 and hopes to buckle the Irish title around his waist by the end of the year.

“I am looking for a big year. This will be my first fight over here and Kieran has big plans for me, so I hope to stay busy and I want the Irish title by the end of the year. That’s the main goal for this year, I want that Irish title.”



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