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‘Undermined’ Bernard Dunne Registers Formal Complaint

Bernard Dunne has made a formal complaint to the IABA.

The High Performance Director sent a letter addressed to IABA Chief Executive Fergal Carruth in September addressing the anonymous ‘SWOT Analysis Position Paper’ which was shared in April and called for him to be removed from his position with immediate effect even before Olympics.

According to the Irish Times and Johnny Waterson [who has seen the letter], Dunne alleges there is an attempt to undermine his position and names two people in that regard.

A 19 point, 1500 word, ‘position paper’ was sent to the IABA members anonymously in April.

The contents were negative in tone and attacked Dunne’s leadership skills suggesting he should not be offered a new contract.

Speaking at the time Carruth called the document ‘malicious’.

“When asked, all of the board members said they did not know who drafted the document,” he told the Irish Times. “I would agree that it was malicious.

“The so-called position paper was not an official document. The board discussed the document. They agreed on the night they would totally disassociate themselves from that document.”

In the letter former WBA super bantamweight champion of the World, Dunne claims the document was unfairly critical and a move to discredit him and undermine his position in both a personal and professional capacity.

Dunne says the document’s purpose was to inflict as much damage to his reputation as possible and served self-interests of its author and the person who circulated among the boxing community and beyond.

The High Performance director also claimed his job of helping Ireland achieve at the Toyko Olympics was made more difficult by it.

Although the letter was sent in September news of its presence broke hours before the IABA go in front of an Oireachtas committee this afternoon as an extremely damaging Civil War continues.

Read more on the Irish Times website HERE.


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