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‘Don’t P***y Out’ – Cronin Believes McCarthy is Using Purse Concerns to Avoid Irish Title Fight

Kevin Cronin believes ‘delusional’ Craig McCarthy is trying to find a way out of their now eagerly anticipated Irish title fight.

The bad blood between the super middleweights spilled over to social media on Thursday, as McCarthy hit out at an ‘offer’ he received for the fight.

Built2Last claimed he was offered €3,000 and 15% of his ticket sales to bring the mandated fight to Dublin’s RDS on September 16.

The Waterford man argues that is below what he and the fight are worth and says it doesn’t compare to what he pocketed from his last fight.

It has since emerged no official offer has been made but the aforementioned ‘deal’ was what an intermediatory opened with.

Semantics aside, Cronin thinks the play and the grandstanding is a smoke screen to hide his fellow Munster man’s fear. ‘The Kingdom Warrior’ believes the 36-year-old BUI Celtic champion is looking for an excuse because he doesn’t really want the Irish title fight – and offered his potential rival half his purse in a bid to get it made.

“Look sept 16th is huge. I want that, everyone bar Craig wants that, anywhere else is ticket sales. You don’t usually get offered a paycheque for the Irish title, so 100% he’s delusional.

“He is going on about the offer. I’d accept that offer in a heartbeat. He’s obviously more worried about his retirement fund than the title. As I said he can take half my pay cheque. Stop being a p**sy and let’s fight.”

The pay fiasco is the latest online spat between the two. It’s a different build-up to what Cronin, who had two very respectful pre-fight lead-ins with Jamie Morrissey, is used to. The former Irish light heavyweight challenger says it’s McCarthy instigated and assures it hasn’t prompted him to take his eyes off the prize, but also points out it brings out a side to him he doesn’t overly like.

“Ah look, Craig’s set the tone of this build-up with his big mouth and delusional posts and lies for his fans,” he adds. “But I don’t care. I’m respected in boxing because I don’t chat this type of sh*t. I just like to fight but Craig’s made it what it is so that’s what it will be until I stop the hype train.

“Like 99% of the people who see anything, Craig says I laugh at it, he a creten, and the only reason I even bother with him is he is between me and what I want,” Cronin continues before stressing he previously held McCarthy in high regard.

“You know what I had respect for the fella as a fighter but that’s changed, he’s brought a side out of me I don’t like myself. I personally do not like that guy and just want to get him in the ring ASAP.”

What will happen the talking stops and the pair do finally get in the ring.

“How will the fight go? I’m going to f”*king mangle him,” declares Cronin.


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