Dolphil want Lee in Limerick

26 April 2011 – Jonny Stapleton

Dolphil Promotions are considering combining Willie Caseys comeback with Andy Lees homecoming and holding a big show in Limerick this summer.

One half of the promotion company Phil Sutcliffe revealed they have yet to respond to Lees request for them to get in touch re a potential showdown between the Limerick southpaw and Irish Champion of the Year, Anthony Fitzgerald. However, the Crumlin coach did reveal they are very interested in the all Irish middleweight clash and are trying to come up with a way to stage it in Ireland this summer.

One option is to put the bout on in Lees home town on a card that will also boast former European champion and world title challenger Big Bang Casey against a world ranked opponent.

We have talked about it amongst since we heard Andy wanted the fight, but no contact has been made yet. We are playing with the idea of putting Willie Casey against a top 20 fighter on a bill in Limerick with Andy Lee and Anthony Fitzgerald. That would be a great show and we are looking into venues. The last show was a great success in everything aspect other than financial so we have to make sure its viable, Sutcliffe told

Crumlin gym boss, Sutcliffe, who doubles up as Fitzgeralds coach as well as his manager, admits the EBA and Irish super middleweight champion has room for improvement, but is confident his charge would cause Lee trouble.

The former Olympian also defended his much maligned star claiming he deserves his tilt at contender Lee and believes the Dubliner could cause an upset if the fight is indeed made.

It is a fight we would take no problem. It is a great fight for Anto at this stage of his career. Anto at his best has a great chance of beating Andy. He got rid of Belghecham in quicker fashion than Andy and he is world ranked now.

Granted some people have been saying the stoppage was premature, but Belghecham didnt throw a shot back for the whole round. If he didnt want to be stopped he should have thrown a punch. Anto won every round up to that point and he was fit and ready to go the distance if he had too. There is room for Anto to improve, but there is room for every fighter to improve. Anto works hard and listens well and while Andy is dangerous especially because of the sting in his punch I think we could cause an upset. Anto has a style that wont suit Andys approach. He has the potential to cause him trouble.

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