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DOJ: ‘I am in it to win it’- Joyce won’t hold back on his baby brother tonight

It’s a case of brotherly glove not love in the National Stadium tonight.

The Joyce brothers David and Hughie square off in an intriguing lightweight semi final and the older sibling says he is going all out to win.

For five time Senior Champ ‘DOJ’ this is a massive National tournament, having failed to win qualification to RIO via the APB the Stadium favourite is keen to secure a spot on the Irish team to compete in the Olympic qualifiers in Turkey next April and he claims that is his main focus.

Speaking to Bernard O’Neill in the Irish Independent today the St Micheals Athy man said:

“I’m there to win it and he’s there to win it. There’s not much more I can do. He’d be more or less the baby of the family,” said David Oliver. “I’ll just do my own thing, pick off my own shots. If that’s good enough, it’s good enough. The seniors and the qualifiers are my focus.


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years