Déjà vu for Gallagher on Feile Fight Night

He now has 82 defeats record, but on the Feile Fight Night William Warburton showed a skill set that belied that record.

However, although he frustrated Paddy Gallagher and won the respect of the knowledgeable Belfast fight fans he couldn’t upset the ‘Pat Man’.

The popular Belfast fighter registered a relatively routine 59-56 points win over the Lancashire native to push his record to 8-2.

Warburton, who was Gallagher’s debut opponent, sported rope burns across his back, but his face remained unmarked telling the story of the fight.

The former Commonwealth Gold medal winner was the aggressor and stronger throughout, but when he wasn’t on the ropes Warburton was hard to hit and able do some work of his own.

This fight was supposed to show how far Gallagher has come on since his debut clash, but there was a sense of De Ja Vu his tenth pro fight. Like Kevin McCauley, who Tyrone Mckenna fought earlier on the card, the journey man is hard to look good against and getting the win quickly becomes the goal.

Gallagher started well used a jab and head movement to walk his foe down and once he pinned him against the ropes did more body work than Chad Awesome does sit ups.

Warburton raised eyebrows in the second round and their was certainly an argument for him taking the stanza.

He used the advantages granted to him by his height and while Gallagher landed some body shots but couldn’t land upstairs.

Gallagher used his own physical advantages and bullied the away fighter in the next stanza, pinned him into the corner and whipped in body shots, but Warburton continued to show skills that make his record a surprising read.

‘The Pat Man’ also landed a solid right hand that seemed to take ‘Warby’s’ senses for a split second.

The remainder of the fight played out the same Gallagher trying to pin his opponent down and Warburton showing good evasive skills.


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