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Declan Geraghty isn’t worried about James Tennyson’s power ahead of Irish title clash

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There is a school of thought in some Irish boxing circles that Declan Geraghty [13(3)-1(0)] has what it takes to be a stand-out star and a big Dublin name.

The Dubliner seems marketable, and anyone who watched him as an amateur knows he has the kind of panache that attracts ‘beautiful game’ connoisseurs – although maybe not the bloodthirsty fight fan.

In a press pack gabble at the tail end of last year a number of respected and prominent Irish boxing journalists hushly predicted big things for ‘Pretty Boy’.

If Geraghty is to be believed, those hacks will become vocal champions of the Dubliner’s cause. after December and his Irish title fight with James Tennyson [16(13)-2(2)].

Geraghty has has one blemish on his fourteen-fight record, a disqualification defeat in an enthralling BUI Fight of the Year with Jono Carroll back in 2014, otherwise it has all been relatively routine, much to his own frustration. The former two-weight Senior champ has bemoaned the negative nature of the journeymen opponents he has faced either side of that thriller in the 3Arena pointing out it hasn’t allowed him to show off his boxing ability.

The 26 year old southpaw believes that will change after he fights Tennyson before the year is out. Indeed he tried to imply the ‘you ain’t seen noting yet’ sentiment – but felt that even that doesn’t do justice to his career to date and had to add expletives to explain how much more a fighter like Tennyson, a former Celtic champion, can bring out of him.

“People have seen f*ck all when it comes to what I can do,” he told Irish-Boxing.com.

“Really, I haven’t been able to show what I can do as of yet in my career. All my opponents have come to survive and cover up. Those lads can suit some styles, but although I am beating them I can’t show what I am best at.”

“Tennyson will come to win, I know that and it’s great. It is a completely different fight to what I have had. He can box but he likes to fight too. An opponent not there just to survive will let me show what I do in sparring all the time and people will see the skills I have and the ability I have. They haven’t seen any of it yet.”

Some will argue that new MGM signing and Prizefighter winner Jono Carroll provided Geraghty with the chance to outbox a fired-up challenger and he didn’t take his chance.

Geraghty points out, however, that he got caught up in the raw emotion on a passion filled night at the 3Arena and didn’t stick to the game plan. As a result he was turfed out and ended up missing out on a place on the Prizefighter which Carroll went on to win a month later.

The Dubliner also points out that experience has taught him more than any of his wins, and feels it could prove an advantage going into an another all-Irish clash. Although it has to be pointed out ‘Tenny’ has all-Irish experience himself, winning the Irish title against Mickey Coveney and has top level domestic experience.

‘Pretty Boy’ recalled how “Carroll did come to have a go and I lost that night, you have to hold your hands up, but I did lose the head in the fight. He was smart and used the tricks to get me going. I was winning the fight but frustration got to me.”

“I should have used my ability more, but I took a lot from that fight. I showed I have balls, can take a punch and I learnt an awful lot, which I have taken into other fights. I have dealt much better with dirty fighters and frustrated them by outboxing them. I think that Jono experience will stand to me in the Tennyson fight, because if he comes for a war or if the crowd really get into it I know I will keep to the game plan.”

Geraghty, who like Belfast ticket-seller Tennyson first has a November 5th warm up, boasts a relatively low 21% knock out ratio in comparison to his future foe’s 71% stoppage stat. He is mindful that he faces a big puncher, but has a simple answer for those who ask if he is concerned about ‘The Assassin’s’ weaponry – “Phil Sutcliffe Jr.”

“You have to respect his punching power,” Geraghty admitted, “he has a good few knock outs, but lets put it this way – I spar with Phil Sutcliffe Jr regularly.”


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