“Deadly” sparring with Chris Eubank the perfect homecoming prep for Craig McCarthy

When Craig McCarthy [2(0)-0] says sparring Chris Eubank Jr was ‘deadly’ he means it in the positive Irish slang way rather the more literal manner.

The super middleweight put in time with the infamous Eubanks in England as Junior prepares for his mouthwatering WBA super middleweight world title fight with George Groves.

However, while helping the big British name prepare for his first world title shot, the Waterford man used the camp as perfect preparation for his ‘dream’ homecoming.

McCarthy tops the inaugural ‘Ring Kings’ bill in Waterford on Saturday February 17th and has been preparing for his big night with a World class fighter well used to the spotlight.

The early days pro has taken a lot from his time with the dedicated former Spike O’Sullivan foe and claims he has gained confidence from sparing noted name.

“Training camp over with Chris Eubank was only deadly man,” an excited McCarthy told Irish-Boxing.com.

“I was in punching the world level fighter in the kisser. How mad is that? The experience I’ve gained is crazy and my confidence is where it should be. He took me well out of my comfort zone and I was able to maintain.”

“I wish him all the luck in the world against Groves. I see Eubank getting the win via late stoppage or KO.”

It might not be as bright a spotlight as the one that will illuminate the Groves Eubank clash, but McCarthy does take centre of a smaller stage at the WIT Arena in just over four weeks time.

The Déise man brings boxing back to his hometown for the first time in over 80 years – an admirable achievement for a fighter with just two pro fights under his belt.

The achievement isn’t lost on the excited super middleweight prospect. super middleweight, who faces Dublin based puncher Manny Bique on the night, and

“Headlining Ring Kings in my own town is a dream of mine and I’ve made it manifest into reality. It’s just an amazing feeling I feel blessed and very lucky that I have got the winning team around me.

“It’s some mad buzz only going into my third fight, being main event and then on your own doorstep. I know I’m definitely on the right track. We’re making history for the Déise.”

Bring boxing back to a city that has been without for so long would bring pressure for most, however, the bill topper claims he isn’t feeling any extra weight on his shoulders ahead of a card that also features BUI Celtic featherweight champ Eric Donovan, Liam McCormack O’Shea, Michael Kalilec, John Joyce, and fellow Waterford men Barry Barnes and Rohan Date.

“I don’t feel under any pressure to be totally honest. It just feels right and no better man to rise to the occasion and put on a show for everyone once again. I just can’t wait to express myself for my fans and showcase my skills. I’m gonna be very professional and all business come February 17th.”

McCarthy does appear relaxed and seems determined to enjoy the moment rather than be hindered by it.

He is confident he can bring large following and pack the WIT Arena, and is hopeful they will have as much fun as him.

The Waterford fighter also believes if things go well it could be the start of something big for the county and Waterford could become one of Ireland’s leading fight cities.

“I fully believe the Waterford people are gonna bring the noise. I’ll get them going as they will me. It works both ways in that respect. Waterford could become big time who knows I could be back again this year to the WIT in front of my home crowd fighting for title.”

“We’re making things happen and it’s so much fucking fun. My dreams seem to have a habit of becoming reality.”

Regardless of where the charismatic puncher fights he is predicting a big 2018 and regardless of how it turns out you get the sense that McCarthy is just rejoicing in the ride.

“2017 was a massive year for me like I was retired two and half years from this mad ole sport, a sport that I love so much and now I’m going for 3-0 as a professional athlete with one hell of following of passionate fans.”

“Then again they are not just fans, I know each and every one of them and I’ve got love for them all as they have for me because they know the man I am. I’m just real and always straight up.”



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