Conor McGregor retires from UFC – is a return to boxing on the cards?

UFC featherweight World champion Conor McGregor has retired from Mixed Martial Arts it seems.

No one knows what to make of this tweet from ‘The Notorious’ earlier this evening

There has been no official conformation from the UFC or further statement from McGregor as of yet.

Indeed, there is still an air of disbelief surrounding the news and suggestions McGregor isn’t behind the tweet or if he is it was made in jest!

On the other hand their are some rumours and suggestions online that the former Crumlin amateur may return to boxing.

It seems unlikely considering McGregor said he decided to ‘retire young’ suggesting he is happy to get out with his health intact.

Plus the UFC star has made serious money in MMA and wouldn’t need to change code for financial reasons.

However, some online chatter – and we admit it is extremely speculative – has suggested a the Dubliner may be looking to get back into boxing.

He has said he would welcome a mega-money bout with Floyd Mayweather, who has shared back and forts with verbally, and while that is were some of the speculation stems from again that seems very unlikely. Indeed if it was to happen it may be in the realms of an exhibition bout. One thing is for sure if McGregor was to get back into the noble art it would raise the profile of the game further in Ireland.

We can’t see it happening though.


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years