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Computer says Jono – First glimpse of Carroll’s Character in new boxing game

They got the beard right! Maybe they’re missing the cheeky grin?

The first images of how Jono Carroll [22(7)-2(0)-1] will look in a soon-to-be-released computer game were shared online yesterday – and it has to be said they are very accurate.

It was confirmed some time ago that the Irish fighter will be featuring in the first boxing game to be released in over a decade and yesterday they showed just what his avatar will look like.

Made by developers Steel City interactive ‘Esports Boxing Club’ is due for release later this year. The game is the first officially licensed boxing game since EA’s Fight Night Champion, which came out back in March 2011.

Some of the biggest names in the sport past and present are featured and the vibrant Dubliner joins by a whose who of boxing past and present including names like Sugar Ray Leonard, Sugar Ray Robinson, Muhamed Ali, Joe Frazier, Roy Jones Jr, Terrence Crawford, Marc Antonio Barrera, and many more on the game.

Speaking previously about being on the game King Hong said: “It’s like my legacy will live on. I remember playing all these types of games when I was literally a baby, you know. Playing EA Sports and even the UFC games and all of those types of games. And the thing is, I don’t even play video games.

“But those games I was mad into. That and Grand Theft Auto. So the next GTA, hit me up. I’d love to be a character. But yeah, I would love to just play myself you know what I mean. It’d be almost like a surreal moment, being able to be a character in the game. I’m not one of them made-up characters that you just make look like yourself. It’s going to actually be me, you know that way. So it’s exciting, it’s very exciting.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years