Common Myths Associated With Online Casino Gambling

The last decade saw the internet crawling into our lives. Pretty soon, it had invaded our daily routines, causing our lives to transform completely. Now the whole world was at our fingertips, and all companies decided to take advantage of the same. 

The casino industry was not left behind. They introduced their casino platforms where the players could get huge opportunities to earn. Yet a lot of people are still discouraged from accessing online gambling sites. 

Here we will tell you some of the common myths people are harboring and the truth behind them.

Online casinos are rigged 

This is probably the most typical complaint that you get to hear. People feel that being behind the computer screen with nobody to monitor you increase your chances of getting duped. However, the times have changed nowadays. 

Even if the online casino companies want, they can never be successful in rigging the games. All the games come with game history, so if you are trying to rig, it will be visible in the results. 

Any wrongdoing is quickly circulated. Plus, websites like NoDepositz provide reviews on legitimate online casinos. So if the players have any doubt about the site’s credibility, they can always check the reviews. 

Online gambling has underage gamblers

Another myth that people harbor is that online gambling leads to many underage gamblers trying to win. These young players can furnish incorrect details and play from the convenience of their homes. Since most of them are technology savvy, they also know the tricks to win a higher amount. 

But this is again far from the truth. Most of the websites ask for an authentic ID before the player makes a deposit. Apart from that, they conduct regular KYC, and getting past the same is not an easy task. 

Maybe the kids may steal a parent’s identity card and credit card to play, but that is something the parent should take care of.

You can do card counting while playing

Card counting is a tactic which players use to increase the chances of winning. But casinos are rather smart. They know something like that can happen. Hence they keep checking if something like this is happening. 

Players are barred from the website if it is revealed they are card counting. As a player, you must ensure your safety while playing online. Even if someone suggests that they can help you practice this tactic, avoid it altogether.

The games freeze if you win more than required 

Many people feel that once they reach the winning streak, the games start to freeze. This is to stop them from earning anything more than what they should get. The truth is that this is highly unlikely. In an online casino, the website wants you to play multiple hands. They would never slow up a game as that would stop you from playing more. 

But game freezing between the playing of hands is possible. This happens when there is no communication between casino servers and players. However, there is nothing to worry about here. Even if you restart the game, it will pick up from where you left it.

Online gaming is more addictive than live gambling

Live gambling is when you play games in a casino. Here you stop playing when your money finishes or you think you have won enough. But many people say when they are playing online, they tend to get addicted. This is not true at all. 

When you are playing online, all your games and tricks are tracked continuously. Here you can put a limit on how much you want to spend. You can even monitor your success and failure rate. Based on that, you can end your session anytime, thus reducing the chances of getting addicted.

You will never get a bonus

We do not know how this myth became so prevalent. Yet the feeling is that the bonus laws are so stringent that nobody ever wins anything. This is not exactly true as the first deposit bonuses are quickly meted out. But to take advantage of the other bonuses, you have to keep playing regularly. If you don’t do so, the chances of your getting the bonus to reduce.


Online casino gambling is on a steep rise. There are a lot of factors that contribute to their success. As times move, the loyal customers would keep increasing. Then the websites will have to find ways to retain them. Once a platform learns customer retention, the money they get to make will undoubtedly multiply.


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