Coach wants Eamonn O’Kane Andy Lee World title fight

ANDY Lee, Matthew Macklin and John Duddy were involved in a Mexican Standoff in which no shots were actually fired.

The Irish middleweight trio came close to trading leather on a number of occasions, but it was always felt the time wasn’t right. Paddy Fitzpatrick, however there is no reason another all Irish 160lbs fight can’t be made and would love this see his charge challenge WBO middleweight champion in a domestic dust up with World ramifications.

Derry middleweight O’Kane took a significant step toward an IBF World tilt with victory over Lewis Taylor in his home town on Saturday night, but not long after the final bell his coach Fitzpatrick was expressing an interest in a clash with Limerick’s Lee.

Lee is out until August, has been name dropped by Matthew Macklin this week and is mandated to defend against Billy Joe Saunders when fit, but Swindon based Irish trainer Fitzpatrick would love to see a Derry Limerick World title clash.

“I would really love Eamonn to fight Andy Lee,” said Fitzpatrick. “Andy is a fantastic human being and a hell of a fighter.

“He punches like a wild horse and he’s a class act as a human and so is Eamonn. So for two Irish men to fight for a world title, how long back in time do we have to go for that to have happened?

“I’d love Eamonn and Andy to have that fight. It’s not up to me to make it happen it’s up to them to want it. We definitely wouldn’t say no to it!”

With a World title fight on the horizon Taylor came to Derry as an opponent that although capable wouldn’t have been deemed a series threat to ‘King Kane’ or his World ranking.

However, the undefeated Brit didn’t read the script and pushed O’Kane all the way. Fitzpatrick is adamant his charge was a worthy winner, but did pay homage to Taylor and the effort he made.

“You always want your man to win the fight the easiest way,” added Fitzpatrick. “Eamonn’s strong point is his grit and his weak point is also his grit. He’s prepared to get into a fight way too easily.

“That wasn’t necessarily the case tonight but it’s always good to know that, when he needs to, your fighter can dig deep and pull that out.

“I wouldn’t want anyone else stood behind me if I was walking down a dark alley only him.

“I did have it close but I thought from round six or seven Eamonn was doing a lot better,” he continued.

“It was a close fight and Lewis Taylor deserves the utmost respect. I tip my hat to the man but we got the win and we move on.”


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