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Chantelle Cameron accuses Katie Taylor of going ‘easy’ route

Chantelle Cameron has accused Team Katie Taylor of taking an easy option after it emerged the trilogy definitely won’t be next.

Eddie Hearn, who promotes both, last week hinted the Irish star wouldn’t fight in Dublin next and made it clear a third consecutive fight with the former Team GB fighter is no longer on the agenda for May or June.

Although it has been coming, it remains a shift from plan A which was a stadium repeat and plan B which was another rematch in the 3Arena.

It was initially suggested Matchroom wanted to keep the third fight in their back pocket for a stadium card later in the summer and that cost was an issue with going in May.

However, Cameron believes the reasoning is different, claiming Team Taylor would prefer a more routine fight after the back-to-back Cameron wars.

“What I was told, is because Katie wanted an easier fight, and wanted to get her mandatory out of the way,” Cameron said on Talk Sport.

“Apparently I’m mandatory for all three belts other than the one that is being called, is what I’ve been told, so I don’t think it is actually Katie. It might be her manager.

Dublin, Ireland – November 25: Katie Taylor v Chantelle Cameron, Undisputed Super-Lightweight World Title Fight. 25 November 2023 Picture By Matthew Pover Matchroom Boxing Katie Taylor wins

“Me and Katie have had two fights, there is a lot of mileage and I think they may want an easier fight.”

Despite hinting that the blame lies on Taylor’s side, Cameron believes the fighter herself is not directly involved with the collapse.

She continued: “I think Katie would want the trilogy, and I think everyone wants to see the trilogy, I think we both want to settle the score.”

Dublin, Ireland – November 26: Katie Taylor v Chantelle Cameron, Undisputed Super-Lightweight World Title Fight. 26 November 2023 Picture By Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing Katie Taylor in her dressing room afterwards with her belts

“I don’t want to wait around, I don’t want my career to be stalled and I want to be out in June at the latest.

“Katie had the chance to redeem her loss against me, now it is looking like I can’t get my redemption. It is massive for women’s boxing as it has never had a trilogy. “


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