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Cazares calls for the WBC to take action and complains about the count

MINUTES after suggesting he was hit so hard his brain and body were knocked out of sync Hugo Cazares was calling for the WBC to look into his stoppage reverse suffered at the gloves of Carl Frampton.

Facing the press a half an hour after his World title eliminator with Carl Frampton the two time World champion told the press he was angry and upset with how he was counted out.

After been dropped with a left hook in the second round the Mexican, who hadn’t been stopped since 1999 before Friday’s clash, rose to one knee and watched on as the referee counted to ten before rising to his feet to complain.

Directly after the fight he suggested he was discombobulated to such a degree that although he was aware of the count he couldn’t physically get to his feet.

Indeed UTV quoted the Mexican as saying,

 “I’ve never been hit so hard in my life.I thought I was counting down in my head but I couldn’t get to the next number.”

However, addressing the print media some time later the deposed WBC No.1 contender claimed he was confused as the referee was not verbalising the count.

“I am a little bit angry with the count. I looked at my corner and I winked at them, I was feeling ok. The referee never told me come here or stand up. I have been in several fights and been issued counts so I wanted to us as much time as possible to get up. It was just confusing.

“I was hearing two counts one from the referee and one from the speaker. I got up on the referees nine but the speakers were saying ten. I hope the WBC takes action. I have been down many times and I have got back up to win the fights. For me I need to hear the count and I was listening. We will talk to the WBC check the video and analyze what happened.”

It wasn’t quite sour grapes from the Mexican, who seemed honest when talking on every other subject, but the excuse seemed wafer thin especially coming from a fighter of his experience. He could have been trying to limit damage done to his pride or even angle for a rematch.



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