Carroll wants to turn Creagh from friend to enemy to progress his career

Stephen ‘Shortty’ Carroll doesn’t want to hang around anymore.

The 23 year old light welterweight has suffered a frustrating period of inactivity since turning over, and has learnt that lively domestic scene is his best chance of progression.

The well supported ‘Shortty’, who has cursed the fact he only had two fights since turning pro last year, knows a local rivalry might help generate the attention that can help him increase his profile. He is also aware a clash with someone outside of the journeyman mode and with pride on the line may also help him fast-track his progression.

As a result, he has contacted to all but call out his friend and fellow novice prospect Sean Creagh.

Neither are Irish title eligible as of yet, but Carroll believes a clash with his fellow Dubliner down the line would prove the perfect domestic title dust up.

“Sean and I are good friends and that won’t change, but we could put it aside for a good fight. We are both looking to get out there and with the lack of shows in Dublin at the minute we both probably need a big fight.”

“For the level we are at, fighting each other is probably as big as it can get,” Carroll told

“It would generate interest and we both sell tickets. I think it would be an entertaining fight and probably the type of fight that would help the winner really kick on.”

“Boxing is a business and we could make our relationship a business one until the final bell.”

“It would be great for an Irish title, but we both need more rounds before we can get to that stage. I would prefer it for a title, but I would fight Sean now to get my career going.”

Carroll wants clash with Sean Creagh
Carroll wants clash with Sean Creagh

Carroll was keen to highlight there was nothing personal between the duo, and talked at length to highlight that both were friends, but his competitive nature kicked in when asked who would win the fight.

“I would win. No doubt. Sean is a good fighter, but I know I have the beating of him. The way we both approach fights means it would be an entertaining clash, but I win.”


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