Carly McNaul’s Road to Gold at the Commonwealth Games 2026

Carly McNaul is a female boxer hailing from Belfast and has steadily climbed in popularity in the Irish boxing scene. She was known as the best female boxer in 2019 and is now the No. 5 boxer worldwide. Otherwise known as “Wrecking Ball McNaul”, she has boxed as high as 70 kg and below and she’s a mother to Jaden McNaul. As an Ulster Champion and Irish Elite Champion, she has also competed in the Cologne World Cup. 

With so many accolades and endeavors, we will look at how far she has come and what’s next for her career. As you learn more about Carly McNaul, take a break and play your favorite live casino games.  

How Far McNaul Has Come

According to her Instagram profile, Carly McNaul is a two-time winner of the Commonwealth silver medal in 2018 and 2022. She was the Ulster Elite Champion for the 2019-2020 season and the 2021-2022 season at 51 kg and 52 kg. Wrecking Ball McNaul was also crowned as the Irish Elite champ in 2017 and 2019. 

She trains regularly at the Ormeau Road Boxing Club in Belfast, United Kingdom. McNaul describes her heroes as Vasyl Lomachenko and Mike Tyson, attributing her success to how far she has come from the inspiration of her heroes and her hard work. 

What’s Next for Carly McNaul?

Carly Mcnaul won the silver medal at the Commonwealth Games for the second time just this year with the first time being at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. She has continually trained to get the gold medal since she won her first silver medal in 2018.

She won the women’s 51 kg 3rd Quarter Final bout against Ayisat Oriyomi on April 11, 2018. Two days later during the Semifinal 2 bout, McNaul claimed victory against Christine Ongare. For the 51kg Division Final Bout against Lisa Whiteside on April 14, 2018, she did not take home the gold, but she was awarded the silver medal for how far she came. 

While McNaul was thrilled to receive the silver medal in 2022, she was still slightly frustrated that she could not secure the gold. However, she delivered a delightful fighting performance that fans locally and worldwide were astounded to see. 

McNaul won in a bout of 5-0 against Keshani Hansika at the semifinals of the 2022 Commonwealth Games. Freshly having a win from Eindhoven Cup back in June 2022, McNaul had a month from then to prepare for her bout against Hansika and she did not back down from the challenge. 

A boxer with high standards, fans and the Irish Team NI alike are excited to see what else is to come from Carly McNaul on her road to gold at the next Commonwealth Games. 

Her win over Teddy Nakimuli secured her silver medal spot for this year’s Commonwealth Games. When she fought for gold in the bout against Nikhat Zareen, she could not beat her and failed to secure the gold medal. 

The two finalists met at the Jordanstown sparring camp while training for the games this year. They shared a mutual respect for one another and they knew the best woman would win. McNaul knew she was going up against a true champion and wanted to seek the challenge to take her down and be the new champion of the Commonwealth Games in the flyweight division. However, despite not achieving this goal this year, there is always the next Commonwealth Games in 2026. 

Final Thoughts

Do you think the Wrecking Ball McNaul will reach her goal of earning the gold medal at the 2026 Commonwealth Games? What world events do you think she will participate in next? Weigh in with your opinions in the comments below. 


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