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What Are The Best Boxing Games Released in Recent Years?

Top 5 Online Boxing Games In The Last 3 Years

Video games are extremely popular among people of various ages and genders. Today, there’re so many diverse products created by the gaming industry that every person can find a perfect game to pass the time and enjoy the process. One of the popular categories of products is boxing games. Some of them are original while the others are based on real fights of popular boxers. Today, we are going to look deeper into the reasons for such games’ popularity and define the best products in the category, which have been released in recent years.

What are boxing games?

Speaking of boxing, it’s a combat sport, which involves 2 people who are throwing punches at each other during a limited period of time in a boxing ring. In the majority of cases, fighters have special protective equipment (such as gloves or other). This type of sport is extremely popular, which is so many games have been developed based on it.

Boxing games include skills and techniques, which should be used to beat the opponent. The action of the game takes place on a ring. They’re usually spectators around who are screaming to support their favorite fighter. Besides, there’s a referee to control the process.

This category of games is characterized by diversity. The first product of the type appeared in the 1980s. Punch Out by Nintendo was created for a single player and wasn’t actually very advanced in terms of graphics and gameplay. Still, the game had many fans.

Types of boxing games

Today’s gaming industry is much more advanced. The professionals create awesome games, which are characterized by amazing plots, graphics, and features. Let’s observe the most popular types of boxing products:

  • Computer games. Such products are created for Windows. There’re many different games based on various boxing techniques and styles. There’re also games devoted to tournaments or well-known battles.
  • Console games. Products developed for Play Station and Xbox are a separate category of games. They are probably the best examples of work in the gaming industry. Thanks to high-quality hardware, the games are nice in what concerns graphics, options, and special effects. These products are unbelievably realistic and have millions of fans.
  • Mobile games. The number of mobile users is constantly growing. What’s more, modern devices are advanced, so gamers can enjoy the best-quality mobile games devoted to boxing. The products are adapted for smartphone and tablets and promise a wonderful gaming experience.
  • Casino games. There’re many punters among modern gamers. It’s due to the fact that today’s gambling games are becoming more impressive and exciting. There’re many free slots games devoted to boxing and popular boxers. They allow punters to feel a special atmosphere of a real-time fight and win some money. Besides, fans of risk can also bet on certain fights on reliable betting platforms. The latest allow making stakes on both real and virtual sports.

Why are boxing games popular?

The popularity of various boxing games is impressive. Such products are still on top even after many years. The fame of boxing gaming products is possible based on the following reasons:

  • Modern games are extremely realistic
  • Such products allow gamers to feel the adrenalin
  • Boxing games are perfect to relieve stress and get rid of aggression
  • They help learn to focus and concentrate
  • They are exciting to play alone or with a company of friends.

What’s more, the products based on boxing are diverse, so everyone can choose a perfect game to pass a wonderful time.

The best online boxing games

New video games are being created every now and then. It is sometimes hard to follow the news of the gaming industry. However, every gamer should know about the most prominent products devoted to boxing. Let’s look at the list of products developed in the last three years:

Game’s titleDeveloperDate of releasePlatformDescription
Art of BoxingGold From Straw GamesMarch 2020PCmacOSPS4XboxThe product is a bit wacky-style. Along with the main line, which presupposes beating the opponent, there’re mini tasks. It’s a nice product but many gamers still claim it requires more improvements in terms of mechanics and visuals.
Creed: Rise To GlorySurviosSeptember 2018PCPS4PS VROculus QuestIt’s a unique game, which offers to dive into virtual reality. The product offers an incomparable boxing experience. The game offers a multiplayer mode with incredible PvP opportunities. Thus, you can enjoy playing with your mates or alone. The product was highly ranked by both experts and gamers.
EA Sports UFC 4EA SportsAugust 2020PS4XboxThe game is devoted to famous MMA fighting. The product offers an advanced game process with dozens of tournaments, over 200 diverse fighters to choose from, an impressive career mode, and many other exciting features. This is a perfect choice for eSports and a wonderful pastime with friends because the game offers both single-player and multiplayer modes.
Knockout LeagueGrab GamesFebruary 2018PCPS4Oculus QuestIt’s a funny and very unusual game with exciting gameplay. The characters here are not well-known people or ordinary heroes. They are diverse creatures with various types of attacks and other interesting features. Use your talent, skills, and imagination to become a winner.
Olympic Games Tokyo 2020SegaJuly 2019 in JapanJune 2021 worldwideNintendo SwitchPS4PCXboxIt’s an entire collection of sports games, which represent the diversity of Olympic Games sports. It’s an awesome and very realistic game, which includes boxing among other activities. The product is available on the majority of platforms and offers both single-player and multiplayer modes.


Boxing games are still on top. There’re many legendary products, which have been played for years by the most loyal gamers. However, the gaming industry keeps developing and we can wait for more impressive releases in the upcoming years.


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