Carl Frampton predicts KO win over “nervous” Josh Warrington

The fight is now just hours away and Carl Frampton believes he senses a nervousness among Josh Warrington and his team.

The Jackal challenges for Warrington’s IBF featherweight title tonight at the Manchester Arena and suggests that the Leeds ticket-seller might be losing his cool and could be on course for a stoppage win.

Both fighters came face to face for the final time yesterday afternoon at the weigh-in for the fight and the Belfast favourite, whose fans dominated the crowd at the weigh-in, saw something in Team Warrington.

Frampton, who also suggested that Warrington [27(6)-0] had been wearing height-enhancing insoles throughout the build-up, thinks the Englishman is nervous, pointing to their exchanges in the final face to face as well as the supposedly jovial actions of Sean O’Hagan, father and trainer of ‘The Leeds Warrior’.

Gently predicting a stoppage, Frampton [26(15)-1(0)] outlined to the BBC how “I think he’s getting a bit nervous now. I’m ready for 12 hard rounds if it takes it but I don’t know if it will,”

“I think reality is kicking in for him and his whole team now. Me and my team, we’re relaxed, we’re not saying anything. We don’t have to walk around, acting the fools, trying to act the comedians”

“We just take it serious, this is a serious sport, we’ll take it seriously right up to the fight and we’ll win this fight”

In terms of the stoppage, a body shot could be wear it comes from.

Warrington had suggested earlier this week that 31-year-old Frampton’s stamina could be hindered by the weight-making process – but the Irishman feels that his opponent’s punch resistance could be the issue.

“That’s fine, they can think that if they want but you can flip it on its head. I think he might be having the same problems I had at super-bantamweight,” said Frampton responding to Warrington’s claims.

“I was struggling to make the weight and I know what it feels like to be hit with a shot when you have to be so lean to be at the limit. It’s hard and they hurt, especially body shots.”

Supremely confident, Frampton wants to claim a big win to propel himself into huge fights Stateside next year – and promises that he has put in a training camp which will facilitate this.

The Tiger’s Bay fighter, who is aiming to prove doubters wrong, described how “I feel good, 100%, I’m ready to go. I’ve done the weight well, I’ve been relaxed all week, I’ve just done everything right this time, I can’t wait.”

“I always am relaxed but this has been a good camp.”


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