Carl Frampton destroys sectarian Twitter troll

Carl Frampton [23(14)-1(0)] is currently Ireland’s number one boxer, and one of the greatest fighters this island has ever produced.

He also happens to be a protestant from Tigers Bay, a unionist area in Belfast.

Very, very few people care about this, with ‘The Jackal’ being put forward as a modern symbol of progression, acceptance, and cross-community relations.

The laundry list of examples – his catholic wife, manager, best mate, etc, etc – are now rarely pointed to, with people preferring to focus on the altogether more interesting boxing career of the two-weight world champion

Yesterday Frampton was out for lunch with his daughter and just happened to be wearing an Antrim GAA jersey.

As it often is when the Belfast man leaves his house, photos were taken, and eventually found their way back to Antrim GAA who, delighted to have the biggest sports star in Northern Ireland supporting the team, tweeted the following.

The tweet received praise and some good-natured jokes, but one ‘person’ did not like the Antrim man wearing an Antrim jersey.

This tweeter posted the following message to his 1,498 followers.

Frampton retaliated to the derogatory message with his trademark wit, and promised to give his detractor a few licks of his very own custom-made hurley.

Joe O'Neill

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