Cannabis Protein For Sports and Fitness

Cannabis is one of the most common drugs used for leisure and relaxation, second only to alcohol. Thanks to the many restrictions placed on the substance, scientists have not been able to properly study cannabis and its effect on human physical activities. 

As more and more countries legalize cannabis for recreational use, we can learn more about how cannabis affects the mind and bodies of people. Some of the potential use cases include boosting performance in athletics, but the evidence for or against cannabis use in sports is still hazy due to regulatory barriers.

Why CBD?

Research has shown that CBD has shown positive results in the treatment of conditions that people who often engage in fitness and sports activities often encounter. Conditions like muscle soreness, joint pain, and muscle injuries have shown improvement when being treated with CBD.

More people from around the world are beginning to use CBD because it works for pain and it is non-psychoactive, other strains of cannabis which have THC also have shown promise in working for pain relief, but their psychoactive effects could affect the performance of the athletes.

Cannabis and Exercise: What We Know.

In the study of cannabis in the early days, about 30-40 years ago, scientists used clinical methods to study the psychoactive reactions felt after the consumption of the drug. Most of these tests neglected the effect of these substances on exercise performance and gains. 

Of course, these experiments aren’t a testament to the competence of the scientists. They were hindered thanks to the heavy restrictions placed by the government on the drugs coupled with the fact that they are considered doping agents in most professional sports. 

This is why all the evidence we have for the use of CBD in the fitness and sports industry was gotten from studies of people who aren’t athletes. Meaning we really don’t have lots of evidence about how cannabis affects athletes and in what ways it improves their performance. 

Even though the original studies on exercise and cannabis have a strong scientific basis, the way they were designed and carried out makes it hard to use them to answer questions about how athletes perform in sports. 

Thanks to the progressive nature of today’s governance, the socio-scientific study of how cannabis affects us and our various activities can be properly studied and documented leading to a more proactive use of the substance to improve our daily living. 

Benefits of CBD

CBD has immense benefits. Some of which include:

  1. CBD can be used as a replacement for Opioids and other anti-inflammatory drugs

CBD has been proven to do the work of Opioids and NSAIDs without the side effects, therefore this might be a chance for a replacement of drugs that have been known to cause issues like heart or Kidney failure.

Many CBD products are more effective since they are not addictive like the other products.

  1. CBD can help in getting better sleep and reducing the effect of stress on the body

All Athletes and people who are very involved in fitness need sleep and have to sleep well to help with their body and muscle recovery. 

Research has also shown that higher doses of CBD can help in keeping people awake which can be beneficial in situations where they have to sleep less to train and get ready for special events or tournaments. 

Studies have also shown that CBD may help in reducing anxiety, therefore reducing stress and the effects of stress on the body.

  1. CBD helps with Muscle Recovery

For athletes and people in the sports world, one of the most important things is how fast their muscles can recover from being used and sometimes over-utilized.

Muscle recovery is very important because the time given to recover is what helps athletes grow stronger and fitter.

  1. CBD helps reduce pain and inflammation 

While pain is associated with the ‘bodily response’ of people who are into fitness and sporting activities, when it becomes a lot, it can affect their performance. 

Research conducted has shown that CBD may have an effect in reducing pain and inflammation caused by tissue damage.

  1. CBD can be used as a treatment for Gastrointestinal problems

Some inflammations affect various organs and digestive tracts, this allows athletes to not perform at their best, CBD helps improve these conditions with its anti-inflammatory properties.


Cannabis seeds can be used for people in sports and fitness but there’s a clause. Plants that have more than 0.3% THC become illegal for sporting events and can destroy an athlete’s career. CBD can be very beneficial to athletes and people interested in sports and fitness. According to Herbies, CBD can be tagged as a discovery to better improve the world of sports.


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