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British title door not closed for Paddy Gallagher

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Paddy Gallagher [10(6)-3(0)] may have lost a British title eliminator, but did so in a fashion that ensured the domestic title door will not be permanently closed on him

‘The Pat Man’ was edged out in what has been called ”a London thriller’ by Tamuka Mucha live on Spike TV and it seemed – like Belfast bud Tommy McCarthy, who suffered the same fate on the same weekend – he may have to pursue other options, with the Commonwealth title being mentioned.

Welterweight Gallagher admits that before that weekend he had envisioned retiring should he lose, but the popular Belfast fighter claims he is now eager to continue chasing belts, and revealed that Mucha’s team are open to a rematch, especially if their charge goes on to claim the British title.

There is one stumbling block, the Zimbabwean-born London fighter would have to overcome the experienced Bradley Skeete for that to happen.

“I don’t know about him against Skeete to be honest,” Gallagher told Irish-Boxing.com

“He’s very limited. He just a tough fighter with a good work rate. But still, Chris Sanigar said straight after the fight that another fight between us could be a headliner no problem. Of course I said ‘let’s do it again’ and his reply was ‘we will go get the title and come back to you’. That was good news to hear.”

Gallagher seems to have accepted the majority decision reverse, but does feel he has the beating of Mucha, and stresses that he would take a rematch straight away.

“I would take it right away, I would fight him next fight if it was soon. I don’t want to wait around another six months with him having another couple then me jumping into a 12 rounder,” he added before expressing a desire to fight on the Frampton v Santa Cruz II undercard in Las Vegas.

“If that doesn’t come soon I don’t know what will happen, Cyclone still want to work with me. Before this fight I was thinking if was ever to get beat again I would probably jack it in, but I’m really busting to get back fighting as soon as possible.”

“I might ring Blaine McGuigan and see if they fancy putting me on this Vegas show!”


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