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Bringing a cannon to the gun fight- Lemieux claims he’s the puncher in Spike fight

David Lemieux argues he is the bigger of the two bangers in the eagerly anticipated prequel to the massive Gennady Golovkin Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez rematch.

The former world champion’s clash with Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan in the chief support to the biggest fight of 2018 is being billed as a battle of two heavy handed seek and destroy merchants.

However, Lemieux, who has 33 knock outs to his name, believes it’s a clash between a puncher and a one punch knock out artists, arguing he is the latter.

The Canadian, whose most recent defeats came against ‘GGG’ and Billy Joe Saunders in world title fights, also claims he should be deemed the favourite going into the September 15 Las Vegas clash.

“I think Spike resembles a Curtis Stevens style, but I think he’s less of a boxer than Steven was. Maybe a little more of a puncher, Steven — I didn’t see much of his punches. Maybe he’s a bit harder of a puncher,” Lemieux said during a press call.

“But I’m not really worried. I’m the hardest puncher in the ring on September 15, so I’m very confident in my abilities and everything I’m going to bring. I’m going to be in great shape. I’m concerned about absolutely nothing. All the skeptics, you know, that say, oh, is Lemieux going to come back. Well, I’m going to show you all on September 15: Lemieux is going to come back and Lemieux is going to do a lot of damage in the middleweight division,” he added before claiming he is favourite to win.

“I’m the favorite. There’s been — I’m the favorite in the fight. Everybody knows that, and there’s been some surveys done on the Internet and all of them point out to me. I think I know what to expect.”

Lemieux will be the more known name going into the clash due to his high profile Stateside fights and by virtue of the fact he is world champion, but Cork’s O’Sullivan is the one carrying the momentum.

The French speaking middle, who seems in a constant state of verbal sparring with the Mahon man, admits the past 24 months haven’t been ideal for him- suggesting injuries have played a part- but is adamant he will be back to vintage Lemieux come the massive Vegas clash.

“I have a lot to prove. The last two years haven’t been in my favor but things have changed. I’m ready to be back on top, so I’m ready to give the best of what I got, and I’m ready and I’m more ready than ever to do it against a guy like Spike O’Sullivan. Let’s give the fans a great show.”


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