Breen: Bring on John Murray

5 April 2011 – Jonny Stapleton

John Breen has called on Brian Peters to get Andy Murray a shot at European lightweight Champion John Murray as soon as possible. The Belfast trainer believes that if the Cavan man had squared of against his Mancunian namesake, instead of Karim El Ouazghari last Saturday night, Ireland would be now celebrating yet another continental champion.

The boxer with the longest winning streak amongst current Irish fighters is ranked number one contender for the fighter with the English boxing equivalent. Yet outside of Ireland Andy is rarely mentioned as a potential opponent for the Gallaghers Gym-trained star.

It is believed promoter Brian Peters was waiting on the reigning champ to earn a world title fight and vacate the EBU strap before getting his charge a shot. However, the EBU ring kings world title aspirations took a massive blow as he stuttered in what was meant to be a routine victory last weekend and it now seems he will stay at continental level before earning a promotion to the biggest stage.

As a result, Breen thinks it is time Brian Peters ensures Andy Murray is made mandatory challenger for John Murray and gets the fight made as soon as possible. After seeing the Manchester native struggle against a fighter who lost to Daniel Rasilla -a puncher the Cavan man despatched with ease when claiming the EU crown- the Irish Trainer of the Year for 2009 is confident that Ireland’s Andy would emerge victorious from the battle of the Murrays.

We want Andy to challenge John Murray now. John Murray was shown up by an average fighter last weekend. If Andy would have been in that ring with him he would have been the new European champion, Breen told It is up to Brian Peters to make that bout now. Andy is number one contender in the rankings. He needs to be made mandatory now and needs to be pushed on. He was ready six months ago for John Murray and he is a better fighter now. Andy has earned his right to challenge John Murray.

Breen thinks part of the problem is Andy Murrays lack of profile outside of Ireland. However, he is confident the former Irish amateur champion can make the English public sit up and take note next month – just as he did with Irish fight fans.

Breen believes there is not better stage to grab peoples’ attention than a world title card and is confident Murray can punch his way onto the lips of the British boxing fraternity with an impressive display against Graeme Higginson on April 16.

The problem is they are already talking about Kevin Mitchell as an opponent for John Murray. They English public dont know too much about Andy, but that will change when we fight on the McCloskey-Khan undercard this month. This is a chance for them to see him in action and he will make an impression, Breen added before stressing that the training camp for April 16 is going well.

Andy and Paul McCloskey had six decent rounds sparring today and both look great. Everything is going according to plan and they are both shaping up nicely.

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