Boxing Betting Guide

Boxing can be an incredibly exciting sport to bet on whether it be the fast-paced welterweight division or a hard-hitting heavyweight fight.

With many boxing matches, there is a heavy favourite but even so, there are several other betting markets available to choose from that can have a lot of value if you know your boxing.

Below, we’ve listed some of the most popular boxing betting markets available at all the latest betting sites.

Boxing Betting Markets

Fight winner: The most common and simple betting market in boxing is betting on the winner of the match. Your selection can win by any method when betting on this market. You can also use this market to bet on the fight ending in a draw.

Fight Winner & Method: Similar to the fight winner market except that you also choose the method that the fighter will win by. For example, Joshua to win by KO or Joshua to win by TKO.

Round Betting: Round betting is another very popular boxing betting market. You are required to pick which fighter will win the match and also, what round they will win in. The method of victory doesn’t matter so long as you get the winner and the winning round correct.

Method of Victory: If you think a fighter will win by a certain method then betting on the method of victory market is a good choice. You must pick which fighter you think will win and the method they will win by such as by knockout, technical knockout or disqualification.

Round Betting (Group): This is similar to the standard round betting market except that instead of choosing just one round that you think a fighter will win in, you select a group of rounds. For example, you may select Anthony Joshua to win in rounds 5-7. Many prefer this market to the standard round betting market as it gives your bet a much greater chance of coming in.

Over/Under Rounds: With this market, you select whether you think the fight will last over or under a certain number of rounds. For example, you could bet on Anthony Joshua to win in over 3.5 rounds or Anthony Joshua to win in under 8.5 rounds.

Fight To Go The Distance: If you don’t think there will be a winner declared before the end of the fight, you can bet on it to go the distance which means that the fight will last 12 full rounds.

Boxing Betting Tips

Before placing any bets on boxing, be sure to follow these tips:

Get The Best Odds

Always shop around for the best odds. You can often find that one bookmaker offers much greater odds on a certain betting market than another. However, not one bookie always offers the best odds so be sure to compare the odds for each and every bet that you’re looking to place.

Do Your Research Into Stats & Form

With any bets that you place, you should always do your research first. Have the fighters met previously? What form are they in? How have they fared against fighters of similar style? You should take these and many other factors into consideration when deciding on what bets to place.

Look For Value In Your Bets

It’s better to look for value in bets rather than just whether or not you think a bet will win. You may believe that one fighter will win the fight with ease but do the odds available at the bookies reflect those chances?


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