Big Brother’s watching

By Jonny Stapleton

BIG Brother was watching Michael Conlon’s every move as he qualified for the Olympics via the World Championships in Baku last week and couldn’t be happier with what he saw.

Pro Jamie Conlon claims last Tuesday, when amateur brother Michael Conlon secured his London 2012 spot, was the happiest day of his life, but believes the Belfast fighter will provide even more joy for his family and Irish fight fans over the next 12 months.

The John Breen trained super fly believes his brother, whose corner he was in for the Irish senior championships, proved he is of the world class ilk.

Conlon is adamant his younger sibling will not be evicted early from next years biggest sporting event and will  emulate the Olympic achievements of  Michael Carruth, Wayne McCullough, Kenneth Egan, Darren Sutherland and Paddy Barnes by gracing the London 2012 podium next year.

“I have been telling anyone that would listen for years that he was amazing and he proved it throughout the championships. I don’t think I will ever forget Tuesday it was the happiest day of my life. The whole house was jumping up an down. It was unforgettable,” Conlon explained before revealing a real family affair.

“I have never been prouder, both for Mick because he has worked so hard and for my dad because he has put everything into training with Mick. He always believed he was going qualify in the worlds, you couldn’t beat the smile of my face,” Conlon added before

Conlon may have qualified for a for London 2012 last week, but his big brother revealed he won’t be just content with  Olympic qualification.

The Belfast flyweight has always dreamed of looping a prestigious Olympic medal around his neck and plans to make the podium.

And the older of the boxing brothers is adamant his brothers world’s displays proved he hasn’t got an impossible dream.

“It was something he always said he was going do, he has always wanted an Olympic medal. He wont be just resting on getting there. He was so close to a world medal.  I thought he won the Selby fight. I am sure he will be busting for that fight again. When it comes to how he will do at the games most people will say it depends on the draw but Mick just showed that is not the case. His first fight was against the European bronze medallist, next was the Asian games silver medallist and then the number two in the world and former world bronze medallist. After that  he had the Euro champ. It doesn’t come much tougher than that and by the time he fought Selby he had 3 wars. Selby was seeded an had an easier route. He showed if he performs on the day he can beat anyone. Bring on London!”

Whilst his brother just feel short in his world domination bid, Conlon has secured a fight that he hopes will lead him to domestic title honours.

The John Breen trained little man is planning to finish the year big and wants a Commonwealth title shot after he see’s off the challenge of former Olympian Najah Ali in Bolton on October 22.

Conlon also revealed he was offered a place in this weeks Prizefighter but decided against it.

“I am fighting on the 22nd of October in Bolton against former Olympian Najah Ali. He has four wins and two losses and he is a dangerous opponent. I have got to be at my best. I was offered a place in Prizefighter but turned it down because at the time a was scheduled to meet John Donnelly then fight for the title, but that didn’t happen.


Hopefully I will get a Commonwealth title,” Conlon concluded.

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