Big Bang CaseyChristmas is a time for family not fighting

By Jonny Stapleton

‘Big Bang’ Willie Casey as turned down a potential Christmas day cracker with Russian Alexander Bakhtin. .

The former European champion has elected to trade presents with his family in Limerick rather than leather with the undefeated and highly respect 30 year old in Moscow on December 25.

The Limerick southpaw, who saw a much anticipated bout with Kid Gallahad cancelled in

Casey to spend Christmas at home not in the ring

November, was offered the chance to fight the former Japanese bantamweight champion, but didn’t want travel over the holiday period.

“I was offered the fight, but Christmas time is a time to be with your family. I am away from them a lot over year and I would prefer to be home on Christmas day. I was in Belfast for over a  month getting ready for the Galahad fight and six weeks before the  Daniel Kodjo bout too. I wanted to be for the kids and my wife at this time of the year. Christmas is a time for family,” Casey revealed.

Family seems to be the main reason the Gary Hyde managed former world title challenger turned down the bout, but he admitted fighting an unknown entity at short notice wasn’t ideal.

Casey is eager not to rush into things and he believes if he shows patience the big fights he desires will come.

“We got offered the fight with just three weeks notice. I have to admit I don’t know to much about this guy and two weeks isn’t a lot of time. I am training at present but not full time like I was earlier in the year. Things are quiet in Irish boxing at present, but I don’t want to rush into fights. The big fights will come if I show patience. Hopefully in the New Year we will have a fight to look forward too.”




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