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Betting on boxing in Ireland

Boxing is incredibly popular, more so than ever right now. We are living in a golden age of the sport which has saw the heavyweight division come back to life with the likes of Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury emerging. Several boxing promoters such as Eddie Hearn, Frank Warren,  PBC, Goldenboy and Top Rank all are competing to provide the best fights on a weekly basis, giving fans elite level match ups on a regular basis. We’ve even had MMA biggest start Conor McGregor cross over into the sport to make his debut against one of the great of all time Floyd Mayweather. 

As if all this wasn’t exciting enough it just gets that much better when you are able to actually win money off of it. There really is nothing better than backing a fighter and cheering them on to victory. 

With the right knowledge, strategy and resources anyone can regulary make money from boxing. However, it’s not easy and you’ll need to do some studying if you want to make some profit 

Boxing Betting & Markets 

Unlike some sports boxing is fairly limited in the things you can bet on. Generally bookmakers will offer you six markets to choose from. Always be sure to check around the bookmakers such as Paddy Power, Betfree, Boyle Sports, Bet365 or use odds checker sites to ensure you always get the best price when you bet.

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Outright Winner: 

The outright winner bet is a popular one. In order to make money off this type of bet you’ll have to do one of two things. Either you bet big on a heavy favourite, although a relatively safe thing to do this is boxing we are talking about. One punch at any moment can leave a fighter staring at defeat and you out of pocket. Alternatively, you can study the market for an underdog who you think has a chance and is being overlooked by the bookies. 

Total Rounds: 

This is an over/under bet. Quite simple really, you will predict if the total rounds will be over or under a certain amount. Like the above method these are small odds your going to get but used in combination they can make for a bigger win. You’ll have to study both fighters, their records and how likely either man is to be forcing a stoppage. 

Method of Victory: 

How will a fighter get his win? If your sure a fight will go to the judges or finish inside the distance this is the market for you. But be careful when placing these bets and make sure you understand exactly what you’re betting on. For example, TKO and KO are not the same thing, something bookmakers won’t explain before you place your bet. A knockout is classed as a fighter failing to make the referees count of 10. Whereas a TKO happens when the referee decides to step in and call off the fight at any point. 

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Round Betting: 

If you can pick a winner on this one, you’re in the money. However, this something of a lottery to bet on before the fight. You may have an idea or feeling about what particular round a fight will end but in reality, you’re just guessing. Round bets should be placed with small amounts but can bring big rewards. Alternatively, you can bet on a round during the fight, this allows you to see how it plays out before betting, although this of course will be at reduced odds.

Group Rounds Betting: 

This is the bet you want if you know a fighter will finish in the early, middle or late round but aren’t sure exactly which round to pick. The rounds are divided into four distinct groups during a championship boxing fight. They are 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12 and are best utilized with knowledge of the fighters starting or finishing ability. 

Whatever type of bet you choose you can make serious money if you do it right. Always study up before placing money down, or if you don’t have time find someone who knows the sport inside out.

The internet is full of boxing betting tipsters and self-proclaimed experts – not all are to be trusted. However, there are some good ones out there you’ve just got look around, study their betting history and start small. Before you know it, the money will be rolling in and you will have barely lifted a finger. 


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