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Betting on Boxing

Betting on boxing is extremely well-known. This is particularly true whenever a major fight is coming up. Boxing betting can be an excellent way to improve your bankroll, withfights contested regularlyand tons of fans around the world. 

Common Boxing Betting Markets

No matter how big an event it may be, even the most popular online sportsbook will barely provide more than 6 markets on a boxing fight, unlike sports such as tennis and football that have several available betting markets. 

Here are a couple of common boxing betting markets:

  • Round Betting

Round betting is when you wage for a boxer to win a certain round. This is the hardest boxing bet to call. However, this is also the one that offers the highest odds.

  • Winning Group of Rounds

One way of getting excellent odds on a bet is to back a boxer to win within a particular trio of rounds. This includes rounds 10-12, 7-9, 4-6, or 1-3. It makes a lot of sense to bet on a boxer to win inside 1-3 if you know he has a reputation of starting fast and finishing off the fighting within 3 rounds. 

  • Winning Method

You’re backing a boxer to win by particular means with this bet. This includes DQ, TK, KO, or by decision. 

A couple of sportsbooks will also offer odds for either boxer to win by those methods. Using this method, you can consistently win with the help of solid boxing betting tips or your own knowledge of the sport.

  • Total Rounds

Typically, this bet will be set at 9.5 if the bout is a 12-round battle. You will have to bet if the fight will last more than or less than 9.5 rounds. 

You’re not choosing a winner with this bet. You’re just predicting that you believe the fight won’t last than 9 rounds (<9.5) or more than 9 rounds (>9.5). 

  • Outright Winner

This is just backing the boxer to defeat his opponent. You aren’t choosing the method of victory or the round, simply the boxer. 

Where to Bet

You have to consider several factors whenever you are choosing a casino for your boxing betting. Here are some of them:

  • Offers Excellent Boxing Odds

It’s crucial if the sportsbook provides great boxing betting odds consistently. 

  • Offers Multiple Boxing Markets and Fights

Unluckily, a lot of online sportsbooks only cover several fights and only provide one market for the boxing matches. It is usually the outright winner market. 

  • Reliable Sportsbook

No matter what sport you want to bet on, this is probably the most significant aspect that you have to keep in mind. 

Another way is to find great comparison sites – Like Casinomartini. It is an excellent time to be a fan of boxing betting. It’s one of the several sports where you can almost ensure to constantly win by using your own sports knowledge and the help of several excellent tips. 

It is only a matter of time before every huge sportsbook realize that boxing’s betting market is extremely huge. Soon, they’ll cover more fights, more betting markets, and more promotions. 


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