How To Bet On Irish Boxing

Boxing in Ireland has been around for hundreds of years and is one of the countries most loved and bet on sporting events. The likes of Steve Collins, Barry McGuigan and Bernard Dunne all have legendary status in Ireland. There are many great boxing prospects coming from this magical place such as Ryan Burnett and Carl Frampton. It means there are huge opportunities to make money through betting on boxing matches and in this article I will go through the basics of what you need to know.

Boxing Odds And Wager Options

Most bets on boxing matches are placed on the outcome of the fight but there are many different wagering options available to punters. Most carry a higher risk but the odds are greater so this can make huge amounts if it comes in.

Betting Lines

The boxing betting lines are the current odds for each boxer that can change dramatically depending on the amount of interest in a certain bet. The favorite tends to be – odds while the underdog tends to be + odds. This means that if a fighter had a betting line of -100 and you wagered $100 on the outcome, you would make $100 should your bet win. If you placed the same amount on a +100 underdog and it came in your would make the exact same amount.

Sportsbook set the betting lines and carry out expert analysis when setting the odds. If they believe that a boxer is nailed on for the win, you can see odds of -10,000 or more. That would mean that to win only $100 you would need to wager $10,000.

Betting On Rounds

To attempt to maximize profits many gamblers choose to bet on the round that the fight will be won in. This type of betting option has increase odds due to it increase the chances of bettors losing. By carrying out research by seeing which boxers start off fast and get the KOs early and backing them to win in the early rounds is a common betting strategy.

Type Of Victory

One bet that over recent years has started to become popular in boxing is placing a wager on the way that the boxing match will specifically end. The most common bet for this type is by picking the straight-up bet which means a win by KO. This gives better odds than just choosing the winner which is why it is becoming so popular.

Irish Boxing Sportsbooks

If you want to bet on Irish or any boxing event in the world you will need to find a great sportsbook to place your wager. It is vital that you choose the best one to make sure you win the most along with making sure that your details will be secure when betting on the platform. One of the best resources on the web to find this information is at


Irish boxing is going from strength to strength and if you are in the know you can make a nice profit betting on boxing matches. Make sure to take your time to study both fighters so that you can find the best betting option to attempt to maximize your returns and only bet within your limits.


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