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‘Batman cost me the Klitschko fight’ says former Irish champ Fury

Batman usually proves the hero, but in the case of Tyson Fury versus Wladimir Klitschko, he is the villain claims the former Irish Champion.

Fury caused a stir when he turned up to a press conference to promote the massive heavyweight World title fight dressed as the Caped Crusader, and the 27 year old believes his antics scared the WBO, WBA and IBF champ thus forcing him to pull out.

Klitschko, 39, withdrew from the Duesseldorf clash after tearing a tendon in his left calf during training on Thursday, but Fury doesn’t believe the long running champ, and feels that the Ukrainian is scared rather than injured.

Fury, who beat Martin Rogan to claim the Irish title, saw two fights with British rival David Haye fall through in 2013 and 2014 after the former heavyweight champion pulled out with injuries, and claims he seen the same fear in Klitschko’s eyes as he did in Haye’s.

Fury said: “It is horrible to be Mr. Right. It was Wednesday and I stood face to face with him and I knew he wouldn’t fight me. I said to Klitschko ‘I’m going to have to back off you now because I think you’re going to pull out of this fight’.”

“What I saw in him, I saw the same thing in David Haye and I knew he wasn’t going to fight.

“You have to wonder what is going through their minds, am I that intimidating? Am I that scary? Batman worked a treat then and cost me a big fight.”

The fight is set to be rescheduled for late November with the date expected to be confirmed next week, but the former Irish and British champion remains sceptical.

But Fury said: “Let’s hope he reschedules, but whatever Klitschko’s reasons are I can tell you there is no injury.”

“He either needs more time to prepare or more time to get his mind straight. There is definitely not an injury, definitely not.”


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