Andy Lee reveals what boxing can learn from the UFC

WBO middleweight champion Andy Lee believes that the dominance of the UFC in the world of mixed martial arts is a major advantage over the four major boxing organisations.

Lee spoke at length on Second Captains about the two sports, giving his trademark considered and mature opinions.

Noting the pre-eminence of UFC over other mixed martial arts organisations such as Bellator and WSOF, Lee feels that “They (UFC) are exploiting boxing’s lack of organisation.”

“They have one guy organising it, calling the shots and one champion in each division.”

“It’s exposing boxing’s lack of organisation and co-operation with each other, in a way.”

Lee then described the emergence of U.S. boxing behemoth, Al Haymon, and his Premier Boxing Champions series. On the terrestrial television venture, the Castleconnell southpaw explained that “Al Haymon is starting this new thing in America, this PBC Championships.”

“If you look at any the PBC fights that Al Haymon promotes, they don’t show any of the belts. None of the champions are announced.”

“Even my fight with Peter Quillin, I wasn’t announced as middleweight champion.”

The Limerick man even believes that Quillin purposely came in way over the middleweight limit to further bolster PBC and minimise the visibility of the four fractured boxing governing bodies. Lee reasoned that “I kind of think looking back that he missed weight intentionally because they wanted it to be a non-title fight.”

“It’s happened several times in those PBC fights, or the fights are at a catchweight or the championship fights don’t take place because they don’t want the belts involved.”

Lee foresees that, in the future, top level boxing will all be under the one PBC umbrella, a-la UFC, predicting that “They want to eventually have the PBC Championship. That will be there own thing, a unified thing.”

Joe O'Neill

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